We can love our parents, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a favorite pet, a brother or sister, a place, even a thing. Write a story about some embarrassing incident you might have had and how you coped with it. Think of what you would do there, what it would the like. What would life be like as a prince or princess? Where would you go? Where did it come from?

Write about a nightmare you recently had. How did it make that person feel? Write about this peer pressure from the perspective of your future self in 5 years time.

Writing stories about history can be a fun way for kids to learn some basic historical facts and events. INSIDE. Write about a time when you felt alone and what did you do to cheer yourself up. Do you decide to look for the treasure? Creative writing lets the writer use their imagination and takes the reader on a journey into their thoughts. You can find out things about what they like and don’t like. Pretend that you lived in colonial times. What is the worst possible superpower someone can have? 3. Maybe your kids will write an essay, maybe a poem, or maybe even a whole book! Writers will also be given a chance to make their own examples, right away.

Are you kind? Your monster can be silly, scary, funny, big, little, colorful, etc..  What is your monster’s name? On your way to school one morning you see a huge truck speeding down the road.

Why are these stereotypes wrong? What do you think your friend should have done differently. ( Log Out /  What is the nicest thing someone has ever done for you? 52. - Write a story about a kid who doesn’t have any homework to do on the weekend. Is anything hiding inside this creepy wardrobe? For help take a look at our. I recommend using these unlined books by Hygloss for creative writing with young children. This writing topic lets children use their imaginations. The person tells you that someone will knock at your door very soon and that you should not open it.

A cat becomes friends with two ducks. What are you going to build on your new land?

What would your life be like? What do you think these Geckos are learning?

Is your family wealthy or short on money? You can use this.

If the world was going to end in one hour, what would you want to do? What do you think our tax money is used for? Instead of just playful magic, the magic set turns your brother into a warlock capable of turning humans into frogs and more. Art Project: Make a planet out of paper mache.

After years of getting all the attention from your parents. Create a comic strip about this super dog’s adventures. Scientists accidentally create a vaccine which gives humans super strength, along with other traits. Children will learn about similes, alliterations, hyperbola, and so on. An everyday boy walks up from a coma to discover the world has been taken over by aliens – But is this all a dream? What do you like to do? It’s now Wednesday morning and another diamond robbery took place last night. What were they afraid of? Persuasive Writing Prompts. If you could travel backward in time to before you were alive, where would you go and why? When is it fair? What is something that you did as a sorcerer? Each prompt fits on one page. Already a subscriber?

Mother has always warned me about not eating too much cheese before bedtime and now I know why! If you could go anywhere for a school trip where would it be and why?