That decision was made as there were too many unknown variables and the potential health risks to players, their families, coaches and officials. In women’s lacrosse, the field is a bit bigger: 120 yards long and 70 yards wide. The rules of women's lacrosse differ significantly from men's field lacrosse.

The time frame may have been altered and the path could look different from what they expected. So if your daughter is struggling, you might find the following articles helpful in how to talk with her about the loss she is feeling. The OWFL organizes and co-ordinates all sanctioned competitions and related activities for the sport of women’s field lacrosse in Ontario.

There are options to phone, text or access their website at Women’s lacrosse sticks must measure 35½ to 43¼ inches in length; the goalie’s stick must measure 35½ to 48 inches in length. Once available, the Return to Activity and Return to Play guidelines will be shared with all clubs and will be posted to our website. The mandate of the OWFL is to provide opportunities for girls and women of all ages to participate in women’s field lacrosse in the province of Ontario. Another resource that athletes can use themselves if they are looking for and needing support is the Kids Help Phone.

At present the OLA  has struck a task force to develop ‘Return to Activity’ and’ Return to Play’ protocols. - The number one name in Sports Administration Software. welcome to ontario women's field lacrosse The mandate of the OWFL is to provide opportunities for girls and women of all ages to participate in women’s field lacrosse in the province of Ontario. Progress has been made but the progress required to allow for competitive play this summer has not gone far enough. Women's Field Lacrosse Rules of the Game: Women's Field Lacrosse CLA Policy 20.1.1 states that all women’s field play under CLA jurisdiction is “governed by the International Lacrosse Rules as issued by the World Lacrosse" This is not the news most of you had hoped for. These protocols must be developed and approved before any sanctioned activity can take place.

You have made your teammates, your parents, your coaches and all those who have supported you along the way incredibly proud. It is certainly not the news we hoped to share. Field size: In men’s lacrosse, the field measures 110 yards long and 60 yards wide.

Staying connected to everything happening in Ontario Women's Field Lacrosse, ©2017 by Ontario Women's Field Lacrosse. We are all struggling with the dizzying change that has been thrust upon our daily lives since March 13th and as adults we are also trying to provide some constancy and support for our kids. To our graduating athletes, thank you for your passion, your dedication and commitment to your sport. Not easy when the sands seem to be shifting daily and the goals they had set for themselves this year seem so out of reach. We continue to support the OWFL community and look ahead to the time when we can be back on the fields enjoying this beautiful game.

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