In this case study, seven bibliographic databases (MEDLINE, CINAHL, Embase, British Nursing Index (BNI), Social Science Citation Index (SSCI), ASSIA and PsycINFO) were searched using three different strategies—one consisting of thesaurus terms, the second composed of free-text terms and the third using broad-based terms. Nearly 5,000 journals are read and their individual articles indexed and added to the MEDLINE database, which contains information about over 12 million journal articles. You might ask yourself “Why search in MEDLINE at all, if EMBASE covers it all?”. 2012;25(5):363–75. While we found some indication that CINAHL had the potential to provide unique studies for systematic reviews, we could only fully test this on a limited number of reviews, so we are less confident about this finding.

Assuming a rigorous search strategy was used and the records sought were accurately indexed, we could expect CINAHL to be a good source of primary studies for qualitative evidence syntheses. Transpl Int. 2012;26(23):42–8. Am J Kidney Dis. Midwifery. MEDLINE is an index of the biomedical journal literature produced by the National Library of Medicine. For the purposes of this investigation, we recorded the current availability of each of the included studies in each of the databases and, due to logistical constraints, did not attempt to identify whether the database record was available at the time of the original searches or whether it had been identified by the searches. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth. Gill IJ, Fox JR. A qualitative meta-synthesis on the experience of psychotherapy for deaf and hard-of-hearing people.

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2008;16(1):16–30. PubMed will attempt to match (or "map") your search word(s) to appropriate MeSH terms. 86.0% (37 out of 43) reviews had used at least one supplementary search technique (including reference checking, citation searching, handsearching key journals and contacting authors) to identify potential studies while some reviews had used several methods. Understanding help-seeking decisions in people with heart failure: a qualitative systematic review. J Antimicrob Chemother. We would not have expected Embase to have contributed so many unique papers nor CINAHL to have made no contribution in terms of unique studies.

Google Scholar. The authors declare that they have no competing interests. Nephrol Dial Transplant.

Kath Wright. While the aim is to identify specific groups of papers that possess characteristics that are relevant to the phenomenon being studied, this need not imply statistical representativeness”. Katsakou C, Priebe S. Patient's experiences of involuntary hospital admission and treatment: a review of qualitative studies. Int Psychogeriatr. Indeed, as reviews are now carried out in a wide range of specialised topic areas such as diagnostics and prognostics, public health, adverse effects and economic evaluations, it would be difficult to make recommendations that would be appropriate in all circumstances. 2012;22(8):1150–9. Yes Am J Phys Med Rehabil.

Several reviews utilised more than one supplementary search technique. 2005 [8] found that it was essential to search both CINAHL and MEDLINE to identify all relevant included studies in a systematic review covering a nursing topic. Qual Health Res.

Reference checking/footnote chasing was the most frequently mentioned activity (20 reports) (46.5 %) followed by citation searching (described in a variety of ways including forward citation chasing, ancestry searching, citation tracking and backchaining) (10 reports) (23.3 %) and then handsearching key journals and contacting authors (both 8 reports) (18.6 %).

MEDLINE ® is the National Library of Medicine ® (NLM ®) journal citation database.Started in the 1960s, it now provides more than 26 million references to biomedical and life sciences journal articles back to 1946. We used DARE as it is an excellent source of systematic reviews; it is a database containing critical abstracts of systematic reviews of the effects of health and social-care interventions including prevention, diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and the organisation or delivery of health care. Booth A. Cochrane or cock-eyed? Palliat Med. HIV testing among men who have sex with men (MSM): systematic review of qualitative evidence. Monforte-Royo C, Villavicencio-Chavez C, Tomas-Sabado J, Mahtani-Chugani V, Balaguer A.