Iranian Farmers. Also I will post more proof of Shemites being black also. They can go ahead….. If the Aryans never invaded how come Vedic culture end up dominating South Asia.

Archaeological finds rather prove the Biblical account in Genesis to be accurate in that after a global Deluge had wiped wickedness from off the earth (this is testified to and embellished upon in many legends and religions) man migrated down into Mesopotamia roughly 4500 years ago. At Project MyIndia team we offer a platform for sharing your opinion and also pay you for it. Following the great deluge throughout the earth, only a man called Noah, his wife and his three sons namely Shem, Ham and Japheth along with their wives suvived in a great ship. Dravidian r Sindhi valley people pushed to South India by Aryan, Just look at the image of ‘Dancing girl’ artfact which was found during the mohenjodaro excavation.

The Pre-Hellenistic Lycians of Asi Minor, who where probably the Mediterranean stock called themselves Trimmili. The Nyshi and Ao Naga groups in the far northeast, cluster with Chinese genotypes, which correlates with their use of Tibeto-Burman languages. Akhilesh Pillalamarri is an international relations analyst. For example, the Siddi people in south-western India have a signature of African genes, consistent with their origin, which involved the Arab slave trade. In northeastern (Sub)saharan Africa, there is also the special case of ethiopids (which does not mean all ethiopians or that people outside ethiopia are not ethiopid), which seem to be between negrid and caucasoid race or a race on their own. So, please stop spreading mis-information. There are no sign of fights and battles anywhere. The curse was that his progeny would be servants of servants to all the others.Originally all of Noah’s sons were white skinned people; however, after the curse the Hmite progeny became black and ugly.

the facial features of her is nothing to do with Aryan race but dravadian…. My primary sources are the geneticists David Reich, Razib Khan, and Vagheesh M. Narasimhan et. Shiva is a prevedic god vishnu is an Aryan god, I dont know the disease part but there is a theory that disease was maybe cause of harrapan civilization to fall but we still dont know what exactly happened to them, Ok to clear up misconceptions Dravidian is a language family its not a race but a language family same with indo european its not a race but a language family, Another misconceptions is dravidians speakers were the first people in india no they are not dravidians were outsiders too the people who were native to india were the austroloids, The people that spoke Dravidian were related to elamites in Iran (doesnt mean modern day iranians) and look mostly like the marsh arabs of today they were much related to sumerians and elamites and branched off them and moved further south to find the indus valley (harrapan) civilization as they moved south they mixed with the native indian population who were austroloids, So dravidian = west asian farmers from the zagros mountains mixed with native austroloids as they moved south to find indus valley civilization, Modern day indian are a mix of everything so its hard to find what they are unless they take a dna test genetics of aryan will always fluctuate in different parts of india, ancestral south indian or ASI is the gene in dna tests for native indians or austroloids Mr kumar from bihar might have more ASI than a Nair from Kerala genetics in india is very mixed. Hi, Are there any simple steps? Acc. How they were burning to the people who were black…. ignorance has no place here.those religious books have been written to teach spirituality not history.we cannot trust them for history.archeologists have found many sites older than 6000 years someone has lied to all the masses.the truth will set you free.follow the science it always speaks for itself.anyway whats wrong with being descended from Africa. Much of the rest of Indian DNA comes from the Middle East, with some input from the Central Asian steppe. And yes, the Bible is only 6,000 years.