I'm not the OP, but found this while trying to do something similar. If you liked my response, please consider giving it a thumbs up. It turned out a few people wanted to do this and found it useful. So I have to do a GetItems with an ODATA query matching the TITLE in Excel to the Title in SharePoint. A Flow uploading Excel sheet values to SharePoint is useful, but nicer if it can Update too.

It's right, you will only see the field from List2 below the action 'Get Itens'. The fields in both lists are the same so I dont understand why it is only letting me see the values of the fields from either list rather than the correct field?

Thank you so much for taking the time to work through this. Upload & Update Excel Values to SharePoint List. This Flow achieves that.

In my case, I have added a column in SP list called "Row ID", which takes the data from Excel Table's row ID (which is unique, I think?). A few months ago I posted a video showing a Flow that uploads values from Excel into a SharePoint list.

Any views expressed in this blog are those of the individual and may not necessarily reflect the views of any organization the individual may be affiliated with. Features releasing from October 2020 through March 2021. Add a "When a file is modified (properties only)" trigger, specify Folder value. In your screen shot your Get Items is taking from List 1 is that correct shouldnt it be taking from List 2? @Ruenells   as we saw together we had some troubles with the OData , because the column have some spaces, and i don't know why it isn't working, but we had workaround this by using an condiction inside apply to each to ensure that the values will be the same. Within "Apply to each 2" action, add a "Update item" action, specify Site Address and List Name. I got a question here, but I have not figured out the solution from your proposed flow.Thanks for helping. with no warranties of any kind.

A Flow uploading Excel sheet values to SharePoint is useful, but nicer if it can Update too. As such I've reworked the Flow to do Updates as well. I've attached what I copied.

@danwolthers, can you also advise which filed in the flow helps identify the common filed which is present b/w the excel and the sharepoint. Hello @danwolthers ,. Is there any way to get at least part of this accomplished with Flow? Also check on your Get Items if you specified the Filter Query, like this: Title Eq'("Column id"). I then added one row to my excel, so that it get updated in the Sharepoint List. Add the update item action to the flow: In the update item action, you need to basically get the item all over again before you update the fields Add a "Apply to each" action, input parameter set to output of "Get row" action. Answered questions helps users in the future who may have the same issue or question quickly find a resolution via search. I am trying but when I use the expression you provided and the Dynamic Content shows up it is only pulling from List 1 and the fields it is showing is saying Modality Value not Modality so it is failing. What I ended up doing is using the list rows present in table. However, I know those fields that I put before are correct. Running this Flow for the first time gives me the initial values; Changing the value in Test4 to CHANGE and running the Flow again it is successfully updated; Get the latest posts delivered right to your inbox, Once on a lunchtime walk in Leeds city center whilst on a consulting engagement I saw a shuttered recruitment business whose tagline was "Recruitment with Ethics". It really will be a time saver and I have learned a lot. I would like to know that as well, have been browsing everywhere, but found nothing that can make this happen anymore - why did they remove this feature? Remove the Segment ant put Segment Value.