He’s intimidating, but fair in his judgement for who advances and who is let go.

I was hoping he would’ve gone further in the competition.
They used this Rawhide Portable Corral to help them sort and it was really neat. The two contestants that went home were Cole Sandau and Jason Davis. The yellow team had Cuatro, Cody, Tara, Zane, Derek, and Juan Carlos.

The losing team ended up being the red team. This show is set on a beautiful ranch in Alabama. Thoughts and opinions are solely my own. Country music icon Trace Adkins hosts INSP’s first-ever cowboy competition series, Ultimate Cowboy Showdown.

Being the cold weather cattle rancher that he is, his horse was definitely out of his element in Alabama. Here’s everything you need to know about the Ultimate Cowboy Showdown cast… we found them on Instagram! It’s a fun way to showcase how hard-working the contestants are.

I do feel that working cattle may have been a bit out of his expertise in comparison with the rest of the competitors. It’s about the American dream.”, Cody Brewer: “I got a broken rib right now. Being a country music icon and an actor in his own right, it’s sure exciting whenever you get to see him walk or ride onto the scene. It’s about respect and dignity.

Stay tuned for a review of episode 2 coming up. The team with the slowest time had 2 cowboys cut from the competition. I got all excited thinking they were having a Doc Holladay impersonator give some ground rules for the bunk house. Who will win the Ultimate Cowboy Showdown? He is equally excited for this TV show. 12 cowboys from across the U.S. compete for the grand prize of $50,00 worth of cattle and the ‘Ultimate Cowboy’ buckle. I don’t like getting ran over by cows, that’s why God made a horse.”.
“Ultimate Cowboy Showdown” was supposed to showcase ranching skills, but one of the events involved an attempt to grab a tag from the head of a bull called Mayhem. As for Jason, he took leaving with true cowboy sportsmanship. For me, the basis of the show is top notch. The winner of this competition will receive this handy piece of equipment as an additional prize. Contestants put their diverse real-world cowboy skills to the test in team challenges that determine how well they work together, and individual … Trace Adkins hosts Ultimate Cowboy Showdown with straight-shootin class. They both called each other out during elimination time in a big way. Best Country Baby Names - Over 500 Names! Zane worked on a large ranch alongside … Trace Adkins: “Being a cowboy is a lot more than just wranglin cattle. Judging by this episode’s competition, I’d say these 2 are in the lead. The obvious standout contestants from episode 1 seem to be cowgirls Tara Powers and J Storme Jannise. Alas, we soon found out he was contestant Hadley Hunter. The Contestants. Country Best Blog is your best blog for all things country.