Strickler claims that Jim needs to be more assertive and dark to kill Gunmar. It is vaguely mentioned that in the upcoming.

Jim informs his friends of this problem and decides that there might be a way to fix it.

He becomes fully troll and urges his friends to run while he keeps the knight busy enough for them to form a plan. To investigate, Jim arrives at Claire's house to babysit Enrique and find out. During the fight, his Grit-Shaka gets smashed, reverting him back to his old self, which helps him use his cleverness to escape.

However, the words start flying all over the room out of control, but Toby also gives Jim some important information on how to get the ring from Strickler. During the battle, Claire falls into a portal with Angor and manages to obtain his Shadow Staff, which creates portals, but unfortunately loses the Killstone as well. Despite trying to put up a good fight, Gunmar then manages to strike Draal with his staff and turn him to stone, throwing him to the ground (in the same manner that his father was killed), much to everyone's horror. Jim tells Barbara that being a Trollhunter was probably his true destiny and that she doesn't need to worry about him as such. Jim begins to doubt his new position as he fears he would be killed, so he decides to give the amulet back, but Blinky states he cannot refuse it, giving him a motivational speech about destiny.

Arcadia Oaks-pedia is a FANDOM TV Community. When they arrive in Jim's bedroom, Strickler activates the trap, encasing Angor in a prison and is surrounded by UV light bulbs, which slowly start disintegrating him. They also see that it also continues into the present, which begins a battle with Angor Rot.
Jim and his friends scout the sewers to find Glug while they split up, with Jim going with Claire. When the quest for retrieving the stones begins, Jim covers it up by telling Barbara that he is going camping with his friends, but Barbara is still angry at Jim for getting himself hurt and not explaining the truth to her, though Jim still leaves.

Jim hides the truth and explains that Merlin is finished with the Heart of Avalon.

Merlin informs everyone that he senses another Heartstone somewhere in New Jersey.

However, the amulet, sensing Jim’s high amount of distress, flies out of Strickler's and Bular's hands, flying at high speed to Jim, who activates his amulet. As the time-traveling quartet return to Arcadia, Jim's injury begins to worsen as the shard once again crawls it way into his heart.

Jim uses this to get back at Steve for being mean to him, finish the test, stop Barbara from breaking into Blinky's stall, bring Blinky back home, take care of the gnomes, and steal the ring from Strickler.

He desperately tries to tell the knights that he's not a troll, but they don't listen. Callista aids Jim when AAARRRGGHH!!! Underneath the armor, there is a black inner layer.

Jim quickly buys one off of RotGut's. Jim believes he knows where Callista ran off to and asks Claire to teleport them to her.

While sadly disobeying his mom, Jim sneaks out of his house and goes to Trollmarket to meet up with Blinky and AAARRRGGHH!!! As soon as the gang climbs up, they find a timeline depicting Merlin and the Staff of Avalon, his history with Morgana, and how he formed the Trollhunters. Unfortunately, as Porgon threw a series of supercharged trees at the pursuing Trollhunters, causing a chain reaction that caused them to stumble. return to Jim's house and explain his new position as the Trollhunter. When the Gumm-Gumms seem to have overpowered Nomura, Draal arrives with the Gyre and manages to stop the Gumm-Gumms.
They decide to take a shortcut to school through the large bridge (the canals), where they discover the Amulet of Daylight in the rubble of Kanjigar's body.

This not only means that these were all the lines that were recorded from Yelchin before his untimely death, but also that the sand may have done permanent damage/transformation to his larynx. That night, Jim and Toby track down the watch and break into the museum to see what the goblins are up to, and to save the museum curator.

The next day, Jim and Toby find a stuffed bunny (Suzy Snooze) in an alleyway, and Claire claims that it belongs to her baby brother, Enrique. When the entire museum evacuates the building after Eli accidentally triggers an alert, Jim calls Toby and informs that he needs to sacrifice his "baby" in order to save the day. Jim suddenly remembers the time when the shard crept closer to his heart back in the past, briefly turning him feral and stronger.