I think so, but it’s but confirmed. They ran swiftly in to seize the thief, but the little tailor, who heard them coming, was still swifter, and leaped into a corner and covered himself with a thaler, so that nothing could be seen of him, and at the same time he mocked the sentries and cried, “Here am I!” The sentries ran thither, but as they got there, he had already hopped into another corner under a thaler, and was crying, “Ho, ho, here am I!” The watchmen sprang there in haste, but Thumbling had long ago got into a third corner, and was crying, “Ho, ho, here am I!” And thus he made fools of them, and drove them so long round about the treasure-chamber that they were weary and went away. Thumbling’s parents finally realize there’s a wolf in their larder and prepare to kill it. It is the only COMPLETE and UNABRIDGED recording in the world, as far as I am aware.

“Hollo, Mr. Fox,” cried the little tailor, “it is I who am sticking in your throat, set me at liberty again.” “Thou art right,” answered the fox. Now poor Thumbling was in trouble, but trouble sharpens the wits, and he sprang out so adroitly between the blows that none of them touched him, and he got out with a whole skin. They now divided the booty, but the little tailor only asked for a kreuzer because he could not carry more. Foundling-Bird is a German fairy tale collected by the Brothers Grimm, number 51.. Learn how your comment data is processed. Then said he, how sad it is that we have no children. Not Thumbelina, but the German answer to the English Tom Thumb. Cover art by Paul Martin, 2016. Soon afterwards when one of the maids was mowing in the garden, and saw Thumbling jumping about and creeping up and down the plants, she mowed him up quickly with the grass, tied all in a great cloth, and secretly threw it to the cows. Which kind of puts a damper on things. Then he once more buckled on his sword, bade the robbers good-bye, and took to the road. A public domain gift, and labour of love. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Thumbling, however, declined, and said he wanted to see the world first. The earliest surviving text is a 40-page booklet printed in London for Thomas Langley in 1621 entitled The History of Tom Thumbe, the Little, for his small stature surnamed, King Arthur’s Dwarfe: whose Life and adventures containe many strange and wonderfull accidents, published for the delight of merry Time-spenders. Nonfiction for writers, fiction for young adults. Then he went away again, and said to the sentries, “Be on the watch, some one is after the money.” When, therefore, Thumbling recommenced his labours, they heard the money moving, and a sound of klink, klink, klink. By Jakob and Wilhelm Grimm (1812), translated by Margaret Hunt (1884). “Thou art a valiant hero,” said they; “wilt thou be our captain?”. or several existing stories being patched together. This story has the feel of either someone pulling ideas our if their ass (and then they…went to buy apples!) Who happens to love and be loved by humans, rather than pranking then all the time.