Flow pricing is based on number of runs per user, per month. It would show the inputs and outputs of the step, scroll down to the end and check the body of the OUTPUTS section. 3. The trigger of this flow is set to SharePoint – For a selected item. 2.

Your email address will not be published. Search for Parse JSON and select “Data operations – Parse JSON”. Use a compose action, and enter …

Using the Client ID and the Client Secret ID, Get the Authentication (Access Token) from Azure Active Directory. Once you login with your Office 365 account, you would see this landing page. We will be using this approach when no action/connector are available OOB for processing the required SharePoint data on the MS Flow.

Initially, I intended to finish this article here, but I thought for new users of flow, it might be interesting to see how can the output be used in next steps, as JSON string can be a bit a complex based on data. Headers: 3. What if you need more details from your list? So, I decided to add some more steps in this flow to explain the same. Pls. Hi Pieter The http request is pretty simple: /sitecollection/_api/web/lists 6. It would show up the Title, App Domain and Redirect URI entered in previous step. Kept as it is as HTTP. Now, let us see how to Consume a SharePoint REST API call from Microsoft Flow. You should see a succeeded item listed in the next page. Office 365, Power Platform, SharePoint, Azure and Dynamics. Anupam Shrivastava, a learner, explorer, traveler and tech enthusiast. 3. There are various ways to get that but easiest is to browse to https://[tenant].sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/appprincipals.aspx and copy the text next to @ under App Identifier. Very Helpful. 9. In FLOW, there is an action called “HTTP” using this action we can call REST API and get the response as needed.

Hope this helps to understand about calling the SharePoint REST APIs from the Flow. Click on Add an Action. {“d”: {“results”: [      {“__metadata”: {“id”: “https://sppalsmvp.sharepoint.com/sites/TeamSite/_api/Web/GetUserById(10)”,“uri”: “https://sppalsmvp.sharepoint.com/sites/TeamSite/_api/Web/GetUserById(10)”,“type”: “SP.User”        },“Title”: “Sathish Nadarajan”      },      {“__metadata”: {“id”: “https://sppalsmvp.sharepoint.com/sites/TeamSite/_api/Web/GetUserById(14)”,“uri”: “https://sppalsmvp.sharepoint.com/sites/TeamSite/_api/Web/GetUserById(14)”,“type”: “SP.User”        },“Title”: “User1”      },      {“__metadata”: {“id”: “https://sppalsmvp.sharepoint.com/sites/TeamSite/_api/Web/GetUserById(15)”,“uri”: “https://sppalsmvp.sharepoint.com/sites/TeamSite/_api/Web/GetUserById(15)”,“type”: “SP.User”        },“Title”: “User2”      }    ]  }}.