This devised work is an exploration of fragility, tenderness, and intimacy in times of personal duress and societal discrimination–—the narrative of a silent, shared connection between two outsiders in the face of violence. I feel a bit seedy.". I had no doubt of it in my mind. One the blue background of the high coast they seem to float on silvery patches of calm water, arid and gray, or dark green and rounded like clumps of evergreen bushes, with the larger ones, a mile or two long, showing the outlines of ridges, ribs of gray rock under the dark mantle of matted leafage. I got a sleeping suit out of my room and, coming back on deck, saw the naked man from the sea sitting on the main hatch, glimmering white in the darkness, his elbows on his knees and his head in his hands. Then a sudden temptation came over me. The man in the water began suddenly to climb up the ladder, and I hastened away from the rail to fetch some clothes. It worked me up into a sort of desperation. Compare and/or contrast the doubles. I came to hate the sight of the steward, to abhor the voice of that harmless man. And yet, haggard as he appeared, he looked always perfectly self-controlled, more than calm--almost invulnerable. "Your ladder--" he murmured, after a silence. ^�"��K�W���_�,�V���*�����JMtjv�C�D?���8����K���o���B���dx�s�� �6���������� 0�bnNd�J��2�m^��|�S˺��5O�M�+�����naq[\�{r��q$���&f&il$1sW�i����i^$�J`OZ���P���D%�5L{.�s���EKk����i_Ac�~���47iTl�i`���6�|EE�π��P�?��y�W�nɣ��Ol��?D2�fڲ~��SӖ�n��=l���T�m���d�����tN� �-��$mh�Ke �ŇKQo\-O��s::����e-�� n�����逊��IF�)��r8"�)�.��7`|j�^�` �7(#��n�gy*�'�ۻ���=x�1�l}�l{GKX@�Nb���ڷ͉�� _�:�����.�U$1h@���bۗMM I certainly should not have done it if it had been only a question of getting out of that sleepy gulf as quickly as possible.

You can act no longer as chief mate of this ship.'". If he had only known how afraid I was of his putting my feeling of identity with the other to the test! In an extension of our community storycircle practice, audience members will share their stories during the performance, interspersed at critical moments in the narrative.

Probably she drew too much water to cross the bar except at the top of spring tides. It would obviously serve his turn--if I had understood at all the view which seemed to govern the unalterable purpose of his action. Hadn't had the time in port to look about me or size anybody up. I've been in the water practically since nine o'clock. "Steward!". Learn the important quotes in The Secret Sharer and the chapters they're from, including why they're important and what they mean in the context of the book.

"I reckon I had no more than a two-mile pull to your ship. But, for the moment, this being appearing as if he had risen from the bottom of the sea (it was certainly the nearest land to the ship) wanted only to know the time. She will never weather, and you are too close now to stay.
I am a well-known shipmaster.". But he did not raise his bowed head. "The Secret Sharer Study Guide." He actually had the impudence, or else so forgot himself in his wonder at such an incomprehensible order, as to repeat: "Open the quarter-deck ports! "Not much sign of any wind yet," I remarked when he approached. I hesitated.

I didn't know either the ship or the people. ", "I won't be there to see you go," I began with an effort. Before entering the cabin I stood still, listening in the lobby at the foot of the stairs.

"Bless my soul!"

"What was that for--fun?" It was now a matter of conscience to shave the land as close as possible--for now he must go overboard whenever the ship was put in stays. I am delighted. No, he's swimming.' The Captain himself?"