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Is there any chance of that invite going out again? does anyone have the new link for the portal? Join us as we seek portals that will carry us through the impossible- and beyond.

The Absolute Beauty of Mathematics – London Tsai. Into the Impossible – Stephen Wolfram & Eric Weinstein: The Nature of Mathematical Reality; PBS Space Time – Theory of Everything Controversies: Livestream; Unity 2020 Campfire Discussion - Bret and Eric Weinstein ; IGTV – Talking and Walking with The Portal Audience; All Appearances; Hello, You've Found The Portal Wiki .

Are you swimming in it or drinking it?

I've created a Discord server for anyone who would like to discuss The Portal in real time. Last night (May 23, 2013), Eric Weinstein gave a lecture at Clarendon Laboratory, Oxford University, presenting his Theory of Everything.

A Portal Special Presentation
u/Standard_Order. An unofficial subreddit dedicated to discussion regarding Eric Weinstein's podcast The Portal. Eric sits down with the Author of “Conspiracy” and tries to get a self-confessed former manipulator and one of the top emerging millennial social analysts to tell us how he unweaves society’s artifices to see […], The Portal Podcast #032: J. D. Vance – American Dreams and Nightmares, The Danger of Knowledge – Daniel Schmachtenberger, The Absolute Beauty of Mathematics – London Tsai. The Portal Wiki. After a large influx of new users we have temporarily disabled invites.

Working his way up, he joined […].

by creating resources that make it easier to digest its content and 2.) Just learn of the server while listening to Rogan. Using AI in reflection to understand and project the psychology of the writer/or journalist/emotional intensions, you can facilitate that abstraction for the reader. 37,721 members. Let me know what you think.
A few months ago I created a Discord server for Sam Harris' Waking Up app and its become a great and very useful community for new and old meditators. Join. I'm eagerly awaiting the return of the Discord link, also! Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. 40: Introducing The Portal Essay Club – What if everyone is simply insane? This problem can be solved 1.) I also feel like this is the only subsection of the internet that would get where i'm coming from as your all pretty balanced and open. The Portal is an exploration into discovery, including conversations with thought leaders. How can we join? I want to build a browser extension that presents the reader with emotional variability in text to show what underlying emotions are in the text for the reader. I've recently written some about my thoughts about the matter (, I am not motivated by self-promotion, I only share because my interest is strong and predicated my discovery of the program (and not vice-versa). The Jeantreprenuer’s Animated Portal Clips (with host Eric Weinstein), Ep. I find his theory interesting and would very much like to discuss other Portal episodes/topics with like minded folks. I fervently believe that human civilization's institutions now willfully turn a blind eye to the observations and insights of those different from them, and that it is imperative that we integrate ALL possible breadth and depth of human knowledge and wisdom into popular consciousness, and I think this program and the community around it is a powerful resource and engine to that end.

Tags Daniel Schmachtenberger; Categories. Discord Servers. The invitation is now invalid. List of Content featuring Eric Weinstein. Studying the Tome- The Tome can be intimidating. With this you can then use further machine learning to either predict the probability of the writers personality traits and psychology over time with the big 5 personality traits, Openness to experience (includes aspects such as intellectual curiosity and creative imagination) conscientiousness (organization, productiveness, responsibility) extroversion (sociability, assertiveness; its opposite is Introversion) agreeableness (compassion, respectfulness, trust in others) neuroticism (tendencies toward anxiety and depression). r/IntellectualDarkWeb.

Moderators. Unity 2020 Campfire Discussion – Bret and Eric Weinstein. Host Eric Weinstein, Managing Director of Thiel Capital, brings his unique expertise and diverse roster of guests for a wide range of discussions, including science, culture, business, and capitalism. by going through the chapters together. Aim is to use machine learning to contextualise emotions for the reader so they can double take the intension of the writer for themselves when certain words arise together throughout text that gives you emotional cues. VERDICT with Ted Cruz: A Portal Into the Progressive Mind ft. Eric Weinstein, Peter Thiel – Why Universities Have Failed, Vitalik Buterin – Organized Crime & the Future of Crypto, Bryan Callen – The Decline of Socially Diverse Conversation, The Portal Podcast #038: Mass Media, Markets, and Human Malware: A Portal Q&A.