afternoon hours between 1:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m. man; male; gentleman; person; people; mankind; humans, plan; kind; design; pattern; style; model; type; [formal term officially endorsed by the Royal Institute] version (of software), paper; sheet; card; ticket; document; blade, to execute; perform; do; act; behave, practice, [is] normal; regular; good condition; doing well, to combine; to put together; to build; to assemble; to make; to erect, type; kind; sort; species; variety; method; item, to announce; to proclaim; to declare; to notify; to publish, [is] assigned; permanently placed; constant; fixed, to behave; to conduct oneself; to act; to perform or do, [is] excellent; glorious; sublime; superb; outstanding, [is] strange; odd; weird; peculiar; wonderful; marvelous; queer; unusual; surprising, [is] without; separate from; [is] rid of; [is] free from, to let go; relinquish; discharge; emit; abandon; release; ease, to cultivate; to plant; build; to grow a plant, to defend; protect against; prevent; prevent against; bar, [Buddhism] intelligence; wisdom; sharpness; wit, mouth or any part in the mouth or lip areas; lips; orifice; (animal's) muzzle, [is] void, empty, naked, nothing, plain (lacking adornment or ornamentation; unembellished), to change; replace; to convert; to alter; swap; substitute; to transplant, [is] strange; unusual; queer; weird; peculiar; odd; curious, to cross; pass; pass by; pass through; pass an exam, [is] incorrect; wrong; mistaken; false; faulty; guilty, person, human, one (who...); [Thai prefix corresponding to the English suffixes] '-er' or '-or', to open; to disclose; to discover; to unveil; to uncover; to reveal, in case of; provided that; if; for; in case (that), to expand, spread out, diffuse, stretch out, extend, broaden, unfold, unroll, land; country; kingdom; ground; earth; plot of land, non-Asian foreigner, [usually] Caucasian [see notes], to bury; inter; put in the ground; implant, to deposit; leave; entrust (something); consign, to drill; to train; to practice; to exercise; to teach, annals; historical record; pedigree; chronicle; dynastic history, to meet or rendezvous; locate; find; encounter; experience; discover, to attempt; try; persevere; endeavor; make an effort, in unison; concurrently; at the same time; fully, priest; minister; cleric; monk; padre; god; Buddha image, [a title or prefix word used with a most revered person, place, or object] royal, [a title of ancient Thai civil nobility between, [title of ancient Thai civil nobility nobility between, power; force; strength; violence; military force, a citizen; an inhabitant; people; population, to turn over; to roll from side to side; to play tricks with; to twist, [is] sufficient; [does] suffice; [is] adequate; enough, [is] synonymous; alike-sounding; identical; in agreement; coincident; simultaneous; allied, to halt, lay-over, stop for the night, stay overnight at a place, to rest or relax, remain at a place temporarily, thousand; the number one thousand (1,000), to bring; take; head a procession; lead the way; conduct; show the way; carry; lead people or animals; take along, to fight or quarrel with, accost, pick a fight with, to bully, to consider; to appraise; to study; to examine; to investigate; to reckon, to print; type; importing; make an impression of, [is] special; particular; unique; extraordinary; extra, distinction; uniqueness; peculiarity; oddity, [of a room] floor; foundation; slab; underfloor, joyful; joyous; jovial; enjoyable; pleasurable; carried away, to culture (germs); to cultivate; to plant; to build (body), to increase; add; grow; advance; boost; develop; enlarge; enhance; escalate; expand; extend; multiply; raise; spread; swell; more, only; merely; up until the point; as much as; as far as; till; just until, friend; pal; chum; buddy; older colleague, harm, danger, catastrophe, fear, dread, peril, threat, section, portion, part [I, II, III, etc., of a movie or novel], region, division, side, segment, share, period, time, existence; state; being; [a suffix corresponding to the English suffix "-dom"], [referring to placement in space or time] location, language(s); speech; idiom; tongue; lingo; understanding; words, saying; proverb; motto; saw; teaching; maxim; adage, earthen land; soil; site; grounds; floor; place, a high government official or adviser, a mandarin, to look at; to see; to stare at; to glance; to eye, Mon, Pegu, Peguan; an ethnic group of Burma and Thailand, to assign; entrust; turn over; commit; deliver, often; frequently; inclined towards; prone towards, [the indefinite pronoun for referring to animals or things] it; they, much; many; very; more; so much; a great deal; seriously, very much; plentiful; much; many; countless; various; several; a lot of; many; diversified; miscellaneous; numerous, to aim at or for; to intend; to mean; to endeavor; to attempt, [Buddhism] goodwill; kindness; mercy; clemency; compassion; kindheartedness, [is] drunk; intoxicated; inebriated; dizzy; sick; [has] nausea, [indicating a point in time] when; on (a date), amicability; friendship; goodwill; (to be on) good terms, to raise; to hoist (up); to revoke; to advance; to abolish; to elevate; to lift; to erect, top; pinnacle; tip; peak; summit; crown; zenith, to allow, yield, let, accept, agree to; is willing to, can; naturally; as a matter of course; inevitably, drug; medicine; remedy; medication; having to do with medical treatment, a guard, sentry, sentinel or night watchman, period of time designated as a shift or a watch for a sentinel or watchman, excessively; extremely; very much; even more so, [Thai transcription of the foreign loanword] Europe, [of an object, atmosphere, liquid, or time of day] [is] cool; cold, to catch; to seize; to scramble for; contend for; compete for; wrest, to go to war; to fight; to make war; to battle, shade; sunshade; screen; blind; canopy; cover; covering; curtain; shield; veil, to combine; collect; add; include; incorporate; assemble; confederate, to share; join; partake; participate; unite; affiliate with; associate with; team with, to support (from below); to place (something) under, [of ranking and order] deputy, vice-; subordinate; associate; secondary, [competition, status of wife] second, next, cry out; to scream; to exclaim; to weep; to sob; to yell; to roar; to squeal, cycle; round; circuit; trip; anniversary; revolution, a trace; pathway; track; vestige; impression; imprint; a mark, to halt; to curb; to stop; cease; mitigate; check suppress; repress, a space; interval or separation (as in punctuation); a period; a stage; distance; time, to think of; to recollect; to recall; to remember, between; in the middle of; the middle; among, to receive, get; accept; catch a thrown object, take, to fetch, to pick (someone) up, (colloq.)