Q: Almost like a simple computer program, like we used to do with punch cards?

Understanding Buddhism without formally becoming a Buddhist felt like saying that I could understand thirst by reading about it. allo stesso tempo richiesta e risposta – una partitura che l’altro e? The last time we spoke, you said you were spending less time thinking ahead and more time doing…and then discarding. È stato particolarmente impegnativo perché la Posenenske non c’è più, così ho provato a pensare come lei, ho voluto chiedere alla mia Charlotte immaginaria di pensare in modo diverso o nuovo, comunque sempre come lei, nella stessa misura in cui il suo lavoro mi chiedeva di pensare in modo diverso o nuovo. The last one I remember well was about Cameron and some crazy outfits she was wearing.

Sam Hillmer is a Brooklyn-based musician, artist, and curator.

I thought it would be cool if I could make a book that was cut out of one continuous piece of the same bristol as the model, and kind of absorbed the shapes of the models into the book. Her recent solo shows include Diagonal Press, Bard College, New York; Projective Instrument, Paula Cooper Gallery, New York; The New Ambidextrous Universe, Institute of Contemporary Arts, London; and Tetrachromat, which traveled from Bergen Kunsthall to Malmö Konsthall and Wiels Contemporary Art Centre, Brussels. SHYou know, we had talked some time ago about these drawings as a reciprocal score and also as akin to neumes used in early music.

I didn’t die! TAI just spent this morning listening to [feminist theorist] Karen Barad talk about the Doomsday Clock. I read a fascinating book by a Western doctor proposing it could be the conduit for qi.

About six months ago we made our final sketch and then just about three months ago we took that sketch to the lovely people upstate at Parsons Organs and finalized the design together with them. A melody emerging from chaos is a simple example, like Pat [Higgins]’s quick-tapping guitar trills, which resolve here and there but not always.

It’s so cool—and it does both the jobs of separating and holding together.

I considered it and decided I don’t want to. Actually, I think this metaphor might apply to all improvisation, not just the moments where it begins to “make sense.”. TAI’m interested in change, but not through brute force. One time you even posited that there might be a possible explanation of what happens after death within four-dimensional geometry. And at the end, we straighten the whole thing with a big long ruler and push all of the strips into a straight position.