She can't believe the rumors she's heard about Tartuffe. When he tells Orgon – who just happens to walk in – what he's just seen, Orgon doesn't believe him. By entering your email address you agree to receive emails from Shmoop and verify that you are over the age of 13.

When Orgon appears, marriage contract in hand, Mariane, Dorine, and Elmire plead with him. Once Orgon leaves, an irritated Dorine tells Mariane that she can't believe how weak she acts in front of her father.
When her boss confirms this, she makes fun of him, calling the idea ridiculous.

Orgon confirms that it has indeed been postponed, but he will say nothing further. Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Molière, 1622-1673. Orgon is pardoned by the King, on account of his loyalty and prior aid to the Crown. The Festival's primary mandate is to present productions of Shakespeare's plays, but it also produces a wide variety of theatre from Greek tragedy to Broadway musicals to contemporary works. A new Note has been added. Though he has pangs of conscience, he stands firm. © 2020 Shmoop University Inc | All Rights Reserved | Privacy | Legal. Dorine has a better idea: she's arranged for a meeting between Tartuffe and Elmire, Orgon's wife.

When he fails, Elmire strikes a deal with him. Frequency of production of Shakespeare's plays, Works by other authors produced three times or more. Elmire, Orgon’s wife, sees through Tartuffe’s wicked hypocrisy and exposes him. If he refuses to marry Mariane, she says, she won't tell Orgon about what just happened. Dorine proceeds to annoy Orgon, preventing him from talking further with Mariane.

During the meeting, Tartuffe makes a rather awkward attempt to seduce Elmire.

He is skeptical of the whole situation, given the quick about-face, and demands that she give him some concrete sign of her affection. Damis insists on watching, and spies on the conversation while hiding in a closet. Note: All 3 parts of Henry VI were performed in 1966 and 1980 in an abridged version. Televised adaptation of Moliere's play with Antony Sher in the title role of Tartuffe. Tartuffe, comedy in five acts by Molière, produced in 1664 and published in French in 1669 as Le Tartuffe; ou, l’imposteur (“Tartuffe; or, The Imposter”). This page describes the production history of the Stratford Festival. Tartuffe is a sanctimonious scoundrel who, professing extreme piety, is taken into the household of Orgon, a wealthy man.

The 2020 season was to mark the opening of the new Tom Patterson Theatre Centre. It was also published in English as The Imposter.. Tartuffe is a sanctimonious scoundrel who, professing extreme piety, is taken into the household of Orgon, a wealthy man. Directed by Bill Alexander. There's a storm brewing at Orgon's house. When Orgon attempts to explain why Tartuffe is such a great and admirable man, Cléante sees right through his brother-in-law's unsound reasoning. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was announced on April 27, 2020, that the entire season is put on hold, and it remains to be seen whether or not the festival will be cancelled outright. The clever servant instructs Mariane to stall the wedding to Tartuffe and tells Valère to spread word of Orgon's foolishness around town.When Damis, Orgon's son, hears about his father's plan to marry Mariane to Tartuffe, he flips out and tells Dorine that he's going to give Tartuffe a knuckle sandwich. She makes him hide under a table and tells Dorine to call in Tartuffe.When Tartuffe arrives, she does her best to "seduce" him. As a result, Orgon disinherits Damis and gives Tartuffe the rights to his whole estate.Cléante attempts to reason with Tartuffe and get him to give Damis a second chance, but Tartuffe refuses. Orgon attempts, unsuccessfully, to convince her, and only becomes frustrated in the process. Under the guise of ministering to the family’s spiritual and moral needs, he almost destroys Orgon’s family. Cléante asks Orgon about the rumored postponement of Mariane's (Orgon's daughter) wedding.
There's a storm brewing at Orgon's house. When Orgon returns from the country, we find that he's become obsessed with Tartuffe; he would rather hear about him than about his sick wife. Once the King has been properly thanked, Orgon says that Valère and Mariane can finally be married. The Stratford Festival (formerly known as the Stratford Shakespearean Festival, the Stratford Festival of Canada and the Stratford Shakepeare Festival) is a summer-long celebration of theatre held each year in Stratford, Ontario. Hamlet and Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead). Although she is hard on Mariane, Dorine eventually relents and agrees to help the girl.