It has traditionally been a … It's astonishingly smooth, but lacks aggression when you've got the drive modes wound right up. Rather than fanatical secret keeping, and arrogant isolation, Targa competitors and crews are often found lounging in one an others pits, laughing through the car window, or hanging out before, after and during the event. Got an old Alfa to try and catch up to again. However, at it’s core, Targa NZ is a passport to driving your competition car (or rent one of our competition vehicles) through gorgeous, technically challenging sealed Kiwi roads, testing your driving capability and your service crews tenacity, through the most beautiful scenery of any country in the world. Toyota New Zealand bravely invited media to take part in the Tour this year, participants each taking half a day and several stages in the new GR Supra. Fire extinguisher... um, well yes, that too. An image that sums up Targa Tour perfectly: like an awesome episode of Wacky Races. GPS monitor, check. Anyway, we're not here to talk about Italian cars. There's still body roll.

It's just so easy, you turn the key and go.".

Nobody gets to hop straight into the higher groups, least of all journalists getting into somebody else's fast car completely cold. Celebrating its 25th anniversary this year, it's a competitive timed event on some of the country's best roads. Whether you need advice, parts or simply some words of wisdom, the crew and competitors that make up the Targa … The straight six (a heritage layout for Supra, although this engine is pure BMW) is super-smooth and delivers peak torque from just 1600rpm. Then you spend the rest of the day trying to keep up. At higher velocity? You will be able to drive your car in a way not offered anywhere else on the planet, with world class instructors and world class food as well. Our stint was day three of five, on the second half of the circuitous Targa route from New Plymouth to Whanganui. Each event is within a few hours commute from Auckland, and are typically between 2 and 5 days long, requiring a reasonable time commitment by competitor and service crew of between 3 and 9 days to attend each event.

Watch: our big day out at Targa Tour 2019. Whether you need advice, parts or simply some words of wisdom, the crew and competitors that make up the Targa family are there for you. A Toyota GR Supra leads a BMW. "It was destined for a wrecking yard so I bought it for $2000," says Greg. Targa NZ you probably know. The Tour groups are broken up into Open, Mid Point and Limited. It takes people all over the world, driving themselves or spectating top-level motorsport in (very) interesting places. It's got the curves: Supra compliant but nicely controlled at speed. Not that we mean anything by that.

You have to travel between stages under normal road rules and on the half-day where we were not driving the Tour, we followed the service crews in a second Supra.