Online registration for Rally Southeast 2019 on June 7th 2019. We can’t give Jeff all the spotlight here, look for Jeff’s introduction blog article to come soon…wink wink (pushing Jeff away from the keys). Check-in anytime between noon and 8 PM on Friday. We couldn’t be happier to partner with folks in this community that are not-for-profit, a Tread Lightly attitude and keep things family based in this community. June 7th - 9th to be exact. Thank you for coming and we hope to see you next year! So Welcome to Southeast Overland, where we first Thank You for coming in, listen to what you have or need help with and then go about helping you solve the problem the best way possible. Southeast Overland is an independent company and not affiliated with any other organization. The name of the business is the same; Southeast Overland but things have changed and for the better! After 11 PM gates will be closed. The top 3 vehicles will be staged, awarded prizes and we will tell why we loved the vehicles! Your continued support and encouragement is what drives Morgan & Danny to keep pushing forward.

Vehicles will be judged based on offroad capability, fuel economy/range, sleep system set up and comfort, kitchen set up time and level of DIY/uniqueness. Friday: 10-5 We are currently working with a new off-road park in the Greenville, South Carolina area. ©2020 Panhandle Overland Rally, LLC. Be sure to come out to the Kingdom Jeep park in Greenville, South Carolina in May 2019 where Morgan will be giving a “Get to Know your Rig” class! I missed two west rallies because I was in Seattle taking daughter to college.

Offroading and the community that comes from Overlanding is growing more and more, and these days it just seems that there are more businesses with the mindset of profit and selling than contributing to the community and those in this hobby with their knowledge and understanding as well as quality parts. Morgan and Danny are always looking to give back to their community. Each campsite will be big enough that you can set up your camp without intruding on your neighboring campsites. JavaScript is disabled. We are located in Seneca, South Carolina and ship worldwide. Don't feel like making breakfast Sunday morning? Check out the blog article from Morgans amazing story and experience as part of the Rebelle Rally. If you are new to us, or just new to joining the new ownership we’d like to say Welcome, and of course Thank You! Trails will be open and staffed with spotters from noon until 5 PM.
Day use fee is $5 per person per day. Theres a very small chance that I will. PLEASE CALL US AT 864-280-4238 TO PLACE AN ORDER.

While working in the field Danny sustained an injury on the job which would take him out of the field and ultimately land him in electrical sales.
Morgan has been honing her photography skills for the better part of 15 years and counting now. Can't wait for more info. The aspirations of this shop are endless with the strong core values they hold at Southeast Overland. Just to give everyone a heads up. We need good places to ride and these guys at Kingdom Jeep do more than just maintain this off-road park.

The trails will be open from 9:00 AM- 5:00 PM. If you haven’t already please pull out your blaster and melt that SUBSCRIBE button now. Building upon their strong family values and the love for sharing time together and getting outside for their family vehicle based adventures, Morgan and Danny made the decision to purchase Southeast Overland and strive to set themselves apart from any other offroad shop. We would like to start off by introducing ourselves to you.