Destroyer They can act as couriers, dispatch boats, patrol boats, etc.

Below is a list of military ships with largest to smallest. Light Fighter Providing professional services at par with International benchmark.

Light Cruiser -A light, multi-use warship that can operate alone or as part of a formation. Support.

Sloop-of-war – Even smaller than the corvette this is not generally considered a ‘proper’ warship and fills the category between dedicated patrol boat and corvette. Doesn’t carry as much as a regular carrier.


Deathstar – iconic.

Passenger Liner ISSPL: U74120MH2014PTC254091

Usually very slow but very hard to kill. Shuttle – Intra system travel or ship to station/ground Pinnance … Planetoid Cruiser
The list of hull classifications comprises an alphabetical list of the hull classification symbols used by the United States Navy to identify the type of a ship. Industrial ships are those whose function is to carry out an industrial process at …

A ship classification society or ship classification organisation is a non-governmental organization that establishes and maintains technical standards for the construction and operation of ships and offshore structures.

They can also be used as scouts and patrol vessels in dangerous areas.

We offer following services: Cyber Risks in maritime industry are fast evolving into a major concern due to lack of proper controls and procedures for various onboard systems using high end computers, advanced communication technologies, state of art control and automation systems, Existing Ships- Class Entry / Change of Flag, Request For The Classification And /or Change Of Flag Survey Of An Existing Ship/vessel, Modification / Conversion / Change of Class Notation survey. Missile The classification of the ship is decided right at the design stage on the basis of route of operation and purpose of the ship.

The larger ships in the list can also be classed as capital ships: Some classes above may now be considered obsolete as no ships matching the class are in current service.

Cutter – Smaller transport or patrol ship) The Naval Vessel Register maintains an online database of U.S. Navy ships showing which symbols are presently in use. Scout The Defence Division of IRClass provides focus on the requirements of Defence and Para Military Forces and is the single point of contact for all Defence Agencies and Defence Industry for Classification, Certification and Consultancy services. Usually the biggest advantage of a corvette is the cost. Provincial A naval ship is a military ship (or sometimes boat, depending on classification) used by a navy. Battlecruiser – where speed and firepower are more important that armor. Fighters

Classification societies certify that the construction of a vessel comply with relevant standards and carry out regular surveys in service to ensure continuing compliance with the standards.
Fast The Frigate does not have any actual definition which means that they have similarities to corvettes, destroyers and even cruisers. Alternate Naval ship classification is a field that has changed over time, and is not an area of wide international agreement, so this article currently uses the system as currently used by the United States Navy. Ship of the Line – These are predominantly heavier ships that formed a battle line and dates back to ocean going navies that would line up and slug it out. This is more appropriate in a Science Fiction setting since space is more three dimensional and a ‘line’ is so easily destroyed. Corvette – This is traditionally the smallest ‘proper’ warship. Monitor – Not designed for speed.

Destroyer – a fast, maneuverable, high endurance warship usually intended to escort larger vessels in a fleet, convoy or battle group and is designed to protect against small, faster attackers. Hospital Ship – a floating hospital can be used to provide medical support to military or civilians. Asteroids can also be used to make planetoid type ships. GunBoat – A short range craft with weapons. Please note, there might be some cultural differences. Patrol Boat – Generally very short of everything that makes it dangerous the patrol boat can usually fight off mostly unarmed ships but is mostly used to patrol areas that are not dangerous to rate a heavier vessel.

Naval ships are differentiated from civilian ships by construction and purpose. Experimental Frigate – Frequently they have many roles.

Strike Battle Courier Cruiser Operations during Coronavirus(COVID-19) outbreak. Troop Transport Fleet Repair Ship

Escort MotherShip – a large vessel that acts as a home and base for smaller ships.