In a tab with multiple attachment, the attachment window just pops up for a very short time and then vanishes. Clicking that paperclip also won’t open any attachment or the list item to view them. Any assistance on the best way to achieve these flow tasks?

Thank you for getting back to me @v-bacao-msft!

Great solution, but as per Ryan…. The behavior on the paperclip doesn’t change, it remains “unclickable”. 2.Expand the table with the double arrow and select ServerRelativeURL. This is an affiliate ad, meaning I am compensated for purchases made through this ad.

Also when I implemented that resizing code it caused the page to throw an error regarding the page not being secure. The Indonesian government these days is struggling to eliminate links or paths to gain access to sites that smell associated with pornography, gambling and there are a number of other content that will is deemed inappropriate.

Have you any other suggestions?

ii) Add the following URL into the JS Link … Join us for an in-depth look at the new Power Automate features and capabilities at the free Microsoft Business Applications Launch Event. I am curious why I have no thumbnail icon for pdf file type. If I scroll back up on the page all works correctly. I am trying to use this solution in a combination with another.

I have searched and see there's an upcoming release (or workaround) for attaching the actual attachments, however I am just trying to link directly to them. 1. This will give you a new column called AttachmentFiles.ServerRelativeURL.

Please download the script again if you have downloaded it before February the 12th, 2014. Looks like ampersands and trailing periods (which creates a situation like this filename..pdf) are not supported by SharePoint at all. The email contains multiple attachments (invoice and backup) for Approver to review. Check out the announcement of Power Platform content at Microsoft Ignite!

I am very glad to have come across this. Can somebody please help me with that. But thats not the optimal solution.

However if you add the "Attachments" column to your list views, you get a column that only shows a icon (see below) if there are any attachments.

Is there something specific that needs to be done for the “Attachments” column?

So I like to get the link from them via flow and send the linkinformation in one Mail. Thanks @Jay-Encodian  - do you get clickable links? Is there a way to use markdown to do this? I don't know what format you need, I can't start.

I'm guessing its because there's '(' ')' in the filename? I wanted to add a link to an excel file that was attached to a sharepoint list item.

In other tabs with only a few attachment it works perfectly. Have tried a string and getting the DisplayName and AbsoluteUri dynamic content, but they come through as text. The pdf file type does have an icon present in document libraries.