6th generation Raytion search connector. Each file is submitted with its metadata (size, location, last accessed, etc.). The current versions of SMB2 and SMB3 are supported. Updates are discovered automatically.

Connector for Documentum. 6th generation Raytion search connector. The Amazon S3 Connector works with all content stored in S3. Your organization can use the connector to securely connect to S3 and index content from S3 buckets. However, these do not support crawling SharePoint Online. The Yammer connector will crawl content from Yammer messages and metadata including sender, group, and thread details. Indexes sites, webs, modern (SharePoint 2016 and later) and classic pages, wiki pages, OneNote documents, list items, tasks, calendar items, attachments, and files in near real time. 인증에 커넥터 확장을 사용하여 사용자 정의 인증 모듈을 만들 수도 있습니다. The Service Now connector will crawl content from ServiceNow. Connector for Oracle KA.

registration, Certificates & BA Insight's Veeva Vault Connector securely indexes both the full text and metadata of Veeva Vault objects into Microsoft Search. It only requires read access, and there is no need to install client software on any iManage server. The connector fully supports Documentum's built-in user and group management. 여러 작업 영역을 구성하는 경우 기본 작업 영역 이름 매개 변수에서 기본 작업 영역의 이름을 지정합니다. BA Insight’s SharePoint Online Connector allows you to connect to SharePoint Online, fetch data from any site, document library, or list; and index this content securely. The Azure Blob Storage connector will crawl content from the Azure Blob Container. The connector can be used for ingesting principals into Microsoft Search in near real time for use cases like expert, equipment, and location searches, or for implementing early-binding security trimming in conjunction with custom data sources. This connector supports SharePoint running in the Microsoft O365 offering.

The IBM Connections Connector was specifically developed for IBM Connections, establishing a secure connection to the Connections application and mapping the content, including metadata and attachments, from the Connections schema to the search engine schema.

The Documentum Connector will crawl content from any Documentum content repository. Connector for Atlassian Confluence Cloud. Ultimately, users can find everything they need in one place. The Box connector makes it possible to surface content from Box in SharePoint and other portals, enabling users to get integrated search results from SharePoint and Box. It then extracts content and feeds it to the search engine in a process called crawling. The SAP HANA Connector honors the security of the source database and provides both full and incremental crawls, so users always have the latest information available to them. Updates are discovered automatically. and associated with a repository, it's available in the asset repository for Oracle Content and Experience users to download content, through the Add drop-down menu The connector fully supports FirstSpirit's built-in user, group and permission management, as well as FirstSpirit installations based on Active Directory and other directory services.

It then extracts content and feeds it to the search engine in a process called crawling.

The BA Insight MediaPlatform PrimeTime Connector retrieves information about channels and videos from MediaPlatform PrimeTime and indexes them via Microsoft Search. AllSites, Myfiles, The SharePoint 2013 connector will crawl content from any SharePoint 2013 site collection URL. The connector supports lists, pages, and sites, and updates are identified either automatically or via the SharePoint change log. The Salesforce connector will crawl content from any Salesforce Summer '16 (version 37). The connector fully supports AEM's built-in user and group management, as well as AEM installations based on Active Directory and other directory services. Connector for SQL servers, such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL or Postgres. SharePoint Server comes with OOTB connectors for SharePoint content and sites, and for SharePoint people profiles. With this Microsoft Graph connector, users in your organization can search over pages in any non-SharePoint enterprise website. BA Insight's Elite Connector provides a single point of access for lawyers to access firm content and knowledge in line with Elite content using Microsoft Search. The email and attachments are submitted with metadata such as to, from, and subject. The HBase connector will crawl data from an HBase Server. Connector for IBM Connections Cloud. The Yammer Connector establishes a secure connection to the Yammer application and maps the content including metadata and attachments from the Yammer schema to the search engine schema. The File System connector crawls local file (or locally mounted) systems, traversing folders to build a complete index. The connector will retrieve Sites, Lists, Folders, List Items, and Attachments as well as other pages (in .aspx format).