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The current database at ScienceOpen has more than 36 million article records, and growing at around 100,000 new records each week.

It is highly recommended to have a dedicated Oracle DBA on staff if you want your databases healthy.

Augmenting many of the Web applications 6. The support process asks if you'd rather get help via email or a phone call. For further information about abstract and indexing please email the editorial office at I hear that there are certain times of day that if you put in your support request then, you are more likely to get US-based help.

We can do better. As we publish more and more, discoverability, aggregation, and indexing remain important in the digital publishing landscape. Search Blog I didn't need to add space to SYSAUX last a few years in 11g. Support from a wide range of professionals all over the world. i.e.

We store huge amount of data in our Oracle database, if we partition well and plan the loads correctly, the database is very fast and provides top performance.

Scott Federhen 1 , Having electronic work papers has allowed us to access other case files so we have access to more data saving us time and stopping the need for duplicate request. User-friendly - It is kept as an old/traditional way to access. It also offers authors the ability to add further information to supplement their article, including lay summaries, additional images, colleague’s reviews, as well as quick social media sharing functionality.

Alexandre Souvorov 1 , In addition, a method is introduced for automatically combining statistically significant alignments produced by BLAST into a position-specific score matrix, and searching the database using this matrix.

I am currently opening an Oracle SR and working with Oracle Support on this issue. Lewis Y. Geer 1 ,

15. You can set up saved searches too to keep on track of all of your research interests, using our entire range of search filters.
Tatiana A. Tatusova 1 , Hungary, Phone: +36-1-372-0520 Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) provides analysis and retrieval resources Can contain text or numbers: A database can store information in more than one single format including numbers and letters. Fax: +1 781-272-0577, Pappelallee 78/79 But what does this mean? Oracle GUI tools for the developer and the DBA are lacking in polish and user-friendliness. Do you work for this company? Author(s): I have found it more effective to be in a classroom setting where one is held accountable at that moment in time as opposed to self-paced (pure personal preference). Minimize irregularities: There are very few chances of irregularities when dealing with data within a database as opposed to other data manipulation systems.