Showtimes Every Friday @ 11pm & Saturday’s @ Midnight! From a Champagne Afternoon Tea in the Thames Foyer to a romantic overnight stay at The Savoy or an indulgent dinner in one of our renowned restaurants, our Savoy gift experience vouchers are the perfect gift for couples, friends, and family. Brandon is definitely my favorite bartender who is very personable. Gallery; Social Media; Private Events; About. I have only been here once but I loved it. Enjoy! This is most probably because they themselves had downed a few shots behind the bar in plain sight of everyone between the time they arrived and the time we ordered from them. Locals and out-of-towners easily mingle. I'm not really a bar guy, I got that out of my system a long time ago, but if friends were in town or we were going out with a group of people I'd go again.Now... about that cigarette smoke!!!!! Click here to learn more or control your settings.

For my money, Savoy definitely gives a bang for your buck. I went on Tuesday night and it a bit empty but I had a wonderful time. Most wouldn't agree.. but that's just my taste. Not too much to do or explore in this little place. Try a blue snow cone shot or any beer, wine or cocktail and you will be surprised by the taste but not by the price. The main Savoy space also has a full length bar, a few very attractive and shirtless bartenders who offer generous pours, and also features the "Men of Savoy dancers", but on the Saturday night we came here, the two dancers appeared to be barely 18.

Stay tuned. The drink specials were the same there, where I ordered one more round for the two of us plus one for his friend. When I texted one of my friends in Orlando to ask if Savoy was still decent, he told me most of the clientele were now much older, just there to ogle the very young (and emaciated) dancers and he was pretty much spot on. Great friendly place with great deals and amazing people. also some of the music was very strange although most was good. Also, they have a pool table or two so that is always a plus. The go-go dancers are adorable and LOVE it when you tip them. C'mon buy a few air fresheners for heavens sakes!Parking is only on N. Orange Ave. and I had a hard time finding a spot on a Tue night, I can't imagine what it would be like on a weekend. They do have a nice outdoor bar area for the smokers and since it was a chilly night I noticed they also have heaters out there. Some of this information may be outdated and makes no guarantee of its accuracy.

If you're looking for Go Go boys, you'd better call ahead to make sure there will be some there, there's no telling based upon their misleading website.

Learn more. Orange crush, yum! It was nice and the music playing was cool. Chill owners and bar staff. My friends took me here as a nice birthday treat. Eight of the most unique bars and restaurants in the heart of Downtown Orlando! I've worked in the hospitality industry before and I know that is WRONG. Masks were provided but no one in the pictures the club posted on Facebook was wearing one . I did enjoy the prices... Long Island Ice Teas for 4 dollars!