Your concise and clear instructions & pronunciation guide is easy to follow. Thus not only that the Romanian Academy states that it should be pronounced as /je/ they state that the pronunciation /e/ is wrong. it sounds very similar as Turkish "I", Russian "ы" and Ukranian -"и".

We will also present in this lesson the pronunciation of consonant clusters such as "st","tr" or consonants in final positions. The pronunciation of Oncea is: The exceptions are personal pronouns: eu, el, ea and the forms of the "a fi" (to be) verb: este, e, eram, erai, era, erati,erau. For those who don't know how to pronounce the German ü- curve your lips like saying the short u, but pronounce the Romanian "i" instead. If anyone else would like to join in helping, you are more than welcomed, I could use a helping hand, to deliver more and better lessons. I'm working now on developing a framework for pronunciation exercises to help you recognize the vowels to spot the difference between "ă,î,a, e, ie...". As you can see in the link below with all the Romanian names that start with G almost none end in "o". Despite the Cyrillic characters that were abolished in 1860, Romanian has always been a Latin language. In this lesson you will learn the pronunciation of all seven vowels (including many samples recorded slowly and clearly) of the Romanian alphabet: In most cases the vowels A, E, O, U are relatively easily pronounced by foreigners, the most difficult vowels being "Ă" and "Î" as well as "i" at the end of a word. The name Garaicu is a Romanian name still in use. Après avoir terminé avec cette page, veuillez consulter notre page principale Apprendre le roumain pour plus de leçons. I found the explanations very clear. P2 How to pronounce the Romanian vowel "i", P3 How to pronounce the Romanian vowels together, P1 Romanian alphabet pronunciation - Part 1 How to pronounce Romanian vowels, P3.1 How to pronounce two Romanian vowels together, P3.2 How to pronounce two Romanian vowels together - part 2, P3.3 How to pronounce two Romanian vowels together - Part 3, P5 How to pronounce the letter R in Romanian, Which Romanian sound do you hear? And most people will observe this. Love this and will use it again Sing along if you like. I am guessing it's spelled something like Garaicu, but would appreciate any help. It is very important to be aware of where your tongue and lips are, and where they should be. Happy to help. I will certainly proceed with more exercises. Yours Then make a new sound of ы. Thank you one more time and if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer and help! I am British, grew up and studied in England, but moved to Germany about 40 years ago and am therefore fluent in both languages. Finally, standard Romanian still pronounces a simple E as yeah in the middle of words, which you do not mention: prieten = pree-yeah-ten. - c as in cello (ch) when before E or I, otherwise c as in cat, - g as in germ (j) when before E or I, otherwise g as in go. La seule solution est de maîtriser la façon de prononcer les mots pour être en mesure de parler la langue couramment. It will come naturally! I'have added a new section in this lesson after the pronunciation of "E" explaining the two ways of pronouncing "E" in Romanian. "Rostirea hipercorectă [e] in loc de [ie] în aceste forme - practicată în special în învățământ pentru a fixa la elevi deprinderea de scriere este greșită" This is a great help! Thank you for your appreciations. It is giving me so much clarity in pronunciation. To get Russian sound ы, you should place your tongue in the position right between the positions of English sounds i in kit and u in sugar. Essayez de mémoriser les nouveaux lettres que vous voyez et prendre note de tout modèle de grammaire que vous avez appris. But the letters below (↓) are NOT in alphabetical order. You can check this lesson as well: The pronunciation of romanian vowels "ie" The correct pronunciation using the phonetic alphabet is /pri'e.ten/ thus the "e" is pronounced as /e/ and not as /je/. The hyper-correct pronunciation [e] instead of [ie] in these forms - used mainly in the education sector to anchor the habit of writting [with e] is wrong. It is very easy to believe that you are doing it right, just because instinctively we are not aware of the tongue and lips in our native languages. Thank you Sylvia, It is very useful to know it. The easy part is to identify the village it is called : Mădăraș in district (județ) Satul Mare. See these Romanian letters in capital and lower case forms on the right side, and pronunciation guides on the left: All anyone said was that the documents were printed in Cyrillic to explain Ellis Islands challenge with the name. I'm gaining ground in my Romanian fluency, thanks to you!! What is the proper pronunciation of our family name ONCEA ?