Research Projects. This research project shows – or rather confirms – that leading deliberate large-scale change projects to success requires a certain kind of leadership. Since the 1950s, the military had been concerned about the possibility that even a limited nuclear war could destroy all communications inside the country, so ARPA was charged with the task of developing a robust system that could work around any gaps. It leads to analyzing performance by focusing on the agent(s) as well as on the characteristics of the environment and specific tasks.

One year later, the NSF began a program to give network access to NSF-funded supercomputing centers for researchers at an expanded number of academic settings. The National Science Foundation Network was established in 1985 as a way to connect the five supercomputing centers, along with the NSF-funded National Center for Atmospheric Research, to each other and to other educational networks, and then to campus networks all over the country. This leadership takes the anxieties and concerns of all those members of staff into account through interaction and participation, as well as through the leader’s reliability. After a choosing the project to work on, it’s now time to work on the details of the actual research action plan. Unique decade-long research project on European history completed Making Europe authors attend SHOT conference and kick-off year-long campaign Utrecht, 23 October 2019 – After ten years, the collaborative research project Making Europe, which resulted in the publication of a corresponding book series, has been completed.
Worldwide, some 400 UNU researchers are engaged in more than 180 research projects. We seek to support ECR historians in several ways: • If you are studying for a PhD, or have just completed one, and you are thinking of publishing your first article, we would be delighted to hear from you. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Emily J. Ozer, in Advances in Child Development and Behavior, 2016. By Philip Carter The Bibliography of British and Irish History (known as BBIH) is a research and publishing project of the IHR, the Royal Historical Society and the academic publisher, Brepols. The history of project management is still being written. The 2017 budget request for DHS R&D totaled almost $759 million, down over 25% from the 2015 enacted level of $1.087 billion because of reduced construction costs. Drivers walked instead of driving their car.

On History is a digital magazine curated and published by the Institute of Historical Research. It was passed on 9 December 1991, creating the National Information Infrastructure that Gore called the “information super highway.” This bill not only led to greater Internet access for all, but it funded the development of Mosaic, the first generally available World Wide Web browser in 1993.

To answer RQ3 for corroborating the 5C model, we referred to Sonenshein (2014), using a Grounded Theory approach (Charmaz, 2006) to gather and analyse the qualitative data.