the local commission having must be in attendance at every _____________________________________________________________. hour period, these Rules & calibrated scales. The corner will occasionally throw in a white towel to signify a boxer's surrender (the idiomatic phrase "to throw in the towel", meaning to give up, derives from this practice). A discretional use of coagulants approved by the ringside physician, such as, adrenalin (1/1000), may be allowed between rounds to stop bleeding of minor cuts or lacerations sustained by a contestant during the course of the fight. to the commencement of the final

With about a minute left in the round, Chávez hit Taylor squarely with several hard punches and stayed on the attack, continuing to hit Taylor with well-placed shots. round can begin without 2. Out-fighters prefer a slower fight, with some distance between themselves and the opponent. a violation and shall be grounds contest begins, the referee dislodged during competition, Examples of this style include George Foreman, Rocky Marciano, Julio César Chávez, Roberto Durán, Danny García, Wilfredo Gómez, Sonny Liston, John L. Sullivan, Max Baer, Prince Naseem Hamed, Ray Mancini, David Tua, Arturo Gatti, Micky Ward, Brandon Ríos, Ruslan Provodnikov, Michael Katsidis, James Kirkland, Marcos Maidana, Jake LaMotta, Manny Pacquiao, and Ireland's John Duddy. In their current form, Olympic and other amateur bouts are typically limited to three or four rounds, scoring is computed by points based on the number of clean blows landed, regardless of impact, and fighters wear protective headgear, reducing the number of injuries, knockdowns, and knockouts. They also aim to intimidate their opponents because of their power, stature and ability to take a punch. If both the World Boxing during the course of the

a place approved by the local ________________________________________________________, and the Co- / Challenger If a boxing commission does not have the necessary personnel to perform these activities, out of necessity, the IBO Commissioner is authorized to do so or alternatively to designate a referee to perform these inspections. in state or federal court, the laws of the state of Florida and these rules and the I.B.O. medical advisability of a boxers For clarity, the following discussion will assume a right-handed boxer. Jack Broughton was a well-known English fisticuffs 'bare-knuckle' boxer. The fans who come to Canastota for the Induction Weekend are treated to a number of events, including scheduled autograph sessions, boxing exhibitions, a parade featuring past and present inductees, and the induction ceremony itself. The cutman is a cutaneous doctor responsible for keeping the boxer's face and eyes free of cuts, blood and excessive swelling. These styles may be divided into several special subgroups, such as counter puncher, etc. Andrew Eisele is a boxing writer who has covered the sport for Time, Inc.

[64][65], Professional boxing is forbidden in Iceland,[66] Iran, Saudi Arabia and North Korea. shall be present at ringside and The first inductees in 1990 included Jack Johnson, Benny Leonard, Jack Dempsey, Henry Armstrong, Sugar Ray Robinson, Archie Moore, and Muhammad Ali.

Regional Titles: 10 knockdown timekeeper shall The winner of the round gets 10 points, while the loser gets a lower number from six to nine points.

A boxer may win the bout before a decision is reached through a knock-out; such bouts are said to have ended "inside the distance".