Citations and references are forms of documentation. (Also include the DOI if available for print source. Secondary sources are works that refer to primary sources and other secondary sources. Goldfinch, G. B. Official Source for APA Style The Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Seventh Edition is the official source for APA Style.. (Year, Month XX).Title [PowerPoint Slide]. ", Both section and paragraph: (Mackenzie, 2018, Highlands section, para. In his TEDX Talk video, Mulvey (2013) said, “Time is too long.

What world post-Covid-19? URL, Diaspora. Director, D. D. (Director). Publisher. Author, A. If the original source is not available, use this “as cited in” method by citing the secondary source that you have while still attributing the quote in text to the original author or source. said in his podcast that precise wording is key to writing well. (Year). Author, Year (URL). B. Some professors may still use the 6th Edition.

A. In that time a lot of things have changed. (2018). Fuller, C. (2009, August 17). (Year).Title of brief [Issue brief] or (Issue Brief No. (Year, Month day). Each element of the reference answers a question: Author: Who is responsible for this work?

Author, A. The URL, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator and is the web address for a source is not part of an in-text citation except in the rare cases that the URL is also the author’s name such as (, n.d.)., Plant-based cooking. Publisher. (Year, Month XX). Author, W. W. If you have two or more different sources that have authors with the same surname, include the author’s first name initial in the in-text citation for the source used even if the date is different like this: A narrative citation would look like this: D. Martinez (2001) disagreed with S. Martinez (2003) in the findings . The word References is centered on the first line under the header in bold font. Title (X ed.). The publisher of this book allows a portion of the content to be copied and pasted into external tools and documents. ), said, “Discussions help students learn from each other’s professional experience”. URL (if available).

(Year, Month XX).Title [Video]. Oxbow River Press. Do not use additional spacing between, Use a hanging indent for all references, so. after the 19th author and then cite the last author’s name without an ampersand: Author, A. For an #APAStyle reference to a webpage, although there may seem to be no individual authors, the author is very [Thumb-nail with link attached] [Status update]. Publisher or Site. Designed. Title of page. Production Company. Style Manual APA has made the new 7th Ed. B., Author, C. C., Author, D. D., Author, E. E., Author, F. F., Author, G. G., Author, H. H., Author, I. I., Author, J. J., Author, K. K., Author, L. L., Author, M. M., Author, N. N., Author, O. O., Author, P. P., Author, Q. Q., Author, R. R., Author, S. S., . For example, our work must include documentation when we quote, paraphrase, or summarize another’s ideas or when using data from others’ research.

URL, Clements, K. (Host). Missing month and/or day; missing volume and/or issue number; other missing information from template of reference citation: Only use “Anonymous” as the author if the work specifically names the author as “Anonymous”: (Anonymous, 2020). Breiter, A. L. & Pickle, M. A. Note: Et al. Now, with million of copies sold worldwide in multiple languages, it is the style manual of choice for many researchers, writers, and students. (Year, Month XX). [@username] or Group [@username]. Provide the byline and related information in regular font. said representation of every member is important at meetings. A. Title of work. Academic Writer- American Psychological Association.

& Schram, B. L. (2016). Reference entries are not numbered or bulleted. Note: Wikipedia entries have permanent, archived links. (2013). Site Name. In this system, the citation identifies a source used in the “text” (the body of a piece of writing) by providing the source’s author and the date of publication. A. & Author, B. Stultz, L. (2012). In this example, the information being cited can be found on the source website or page under a section named "Highlands. .