Only experienced rallycrossers are permitted to ride as passengers with novice drivers. Note: Some events, due to site limitations, may be designated as "Street Tire Only". (This last part seems obvious but it is intended to clarify any situation where it is possible to hit the finish line before finishing the course.
An event starts when registration opens and ends when the last run is made and the course is picked up. After registration closes, usually 9:30AM, a $10 fee will be charged. They will also determine if fun runs will be done. If it is decided that a person be banned from all further events, a letter drafted by the club president will be sent to that person. The FIA has confirmed revised technical regulations for the 2021 World Rallycross Championship. If more than one driver, driver is responsible for reporting to the starter the correct class and number. Any club officer involved or related to the individual involved will excuse themselves from the meetings. This includes fun runs and runs during set up days. Previously, only I4 engines were allowed, but the rules now accommodate boxer type, four-cylinder units. Rallycross has a solid path from the lowest club level to the World Championship, through national and European series. Points are only awarded to a participant that completes at least one run.

RallyCross® Rules RallyCross® Rules; last revised 03/10/2011 1. N - Non-Street Tire. In the case of questions regarding safety, protests, or any issue regarding general rules, the president, Rally VPs, and event chairs will be involved in the decision. Anyone damaging the timing equipment or hitting the large cones by the timing equipment will be given a bogey time for that run and will be responsible for the costs of replacing/repairing the equipment. Starting with the May 2011 event, helmets must be Snell M, K, or SA dated 2000 or newer. An impressive ten classes will be competing in the season-opening Motorsport UK British Rallycross Championship 5 Nations Trophy Presented by Cooper Tires at Lydden Hill this… Read more » John McGuinness, King of the Mountain boosts Lydden Hill 5 Nations BRX grid. All people must sign the insurance waiver. They may ask for input from anyone else not involved in the question. A car that starts its run but is unable to complete it will be given a bogey time for that run. Only competitors entered in the event will be allowed out in the course area. The competitor may ask that this be reviewed yearly. (Minor release forms are to be kept on file with insurance waiver forms). However, each driver will get the same number of runs as other competitors in class. Further engine-based rule changes will come into effect from 2022, such as a limit of just one homologated ALS (anti-lag system), with tighter controls on the layout of such systems.

O2 - 2-wheel-drive vehicles with forced induction or an engine displacement between 2400cc and 6000cc. It is desirable that the driver for the safety preruns be someone that is not going to compete in the rallycross. In this case, the competitor will drive the line that was originally marked by the cone. Event chairs, after consulting with the Rally VP's and club President, will determine the number of runs.

Registration will be refused to anyone who has not signed the waiver and who is not wearing a wristband.