Purchase/preparation of your shitbox car: <$1,000, Catering and Camping: $150/day per team (approximately, paid in advance), Cost of fuel for duration of the rally ($500 refund available).

If this sounds like fun to you, then get ready to drive. Each day you’ll travel through picturesque Australian scenery and visit remote destinations that few others get to see - giving you and your crew every chance to enjoy breathtaking scenery by day and relax around the campfire each night. 2. Throughout the the year, we’ll be in contact with you, providing monthly newsletter updates on everything from fundraising to route conditions and how the other teams are going. It’s believed that competitors had wanted Rally Australia hosted closer to one of the major cities. We’re only able to take a certain number of people on the journey, so by keeping to only two people per team, we can get more teams into the rally.

An outdated schedule of major events on Tourism WA's website currently lists three events that happened last year, including the Hopman Cup and the Perth Super Six golf tournament which no longer exists. "Last year's event cost WA taxpayers $5.9 million to stage but generated only $9.3 million — representing $1.60 for every $1 we spent," he explained. For more of the motorsport news pick up the current issue of Auto Action. In 2005, he said the decision was made because of the poor return on investment, despite it being profitable. The main prize, or first place if you’re competitive, will be judged on a range of factors, including how hopeless your car is, how much you’ve embodied the rally spirit, and how much money your team raised. Simply read all the details and then register your team! Also make sure you follow us on social media Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or our weekly email newsletter for all the latest updates between issues. There is a huge amount of civic pride in these events and it has made Melbourne an attractive place people want to live in and visit. It is no coincidence that Western Australia had historic tourism numbers last year off the back of a sporting calendar that included State of Origin, the Bledisloe Cup and a visit by English Premier League giants Manchester United. For the rest of us, it may just be what you’ve been looking for.

The DEWALT SXS Motorsport Australia Championship (Side by Side) has been the first national-level competition to confirm it revised schedule for 2020. 100% of Funds raised by entrants will go to Country Hope, a family centred support organisation for children diagnosed with cancer and other life threatening illnesses. On sale date: January … We’ll also let you in on a few fundraising hot tips that we know work well. This trip is not about creature comforts.