I had been pre-warned about how cold it could be from information on this site, so I was well wrapped up, but luckily the wind was coming from behind the stand. Upload or insert images from URL. 88’ | EFFC 0 - DAFC 1, YELLOW CARD | DAFC Last updated on 28 July 201928 July 2019.From the section East Fife. For a one-sided ground I was pretty impressed. Press F5 to refresh the page and scroll down for the latest updates. Higgins is the target but it's out for an East Fife corner. At the age of 16, Rhona Lloyd thought about giving up rugby.

Hearts make their first chance as Josh Ginnelly replaces Roberts. For further information visit the Stagecoach website. 40’ | EFFC 0 - DAFC 1, click here to review the YouTube Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. I found a cafe upstairs over a (closed for the winter) amusement arcade on Promenade Road and had lunch for a reasonable price.

It was the usual fare that was available to eat and drink Scotch Pies (£1.70) and Bovril. × Display as a link instead, × Fife’s other Local Plans cover Mid Fife, and Dunfermline & West Fife, and there is a It was quite an effort for a steward to retrieve the match ball when it went into this area.   Pasted as rich text.

This was another ground to be ticked off by my wife and I in our attempt to see a game at every Scottish ground. Now the power station that used to be opposite the ground has gone, you also get a nice view of the sea. It looks like the club has the potential to add further, smaller stands should crowds suddenly rise above 2,000. Upload or insert images from URL. ⬆️ON -
Scoring again and dragging the score back to 4-3 gave them false hope as after about 75 minutes they were reduced to 10 men. The game might have been dire but I'd much rather be at a game than in front of the TV watching England again get found out by Belgium. There is no railway station in Methil itself.

From Kirkcaldy take the A911 towards Methil and then the A915 to Leven. If its not about money, but the chance to go full-time, then good luck to the guy, he's worked hard & deserves it & if it is to Falkirk, I think that's the right move for him at this stage.
It was a bit of a faff getting to/from the ground considering there is no railway station nearby but I did enjoy my day. Very flavoursome with a good peppery bite. The best place to find everything East Fife FC. It leaves Kirkcaldy bus station (Stance 1) every 30 minutes, passes the train station and stops in South Street at the junction of Harbour View, which is only a short walk from the Bayview Stadium.The bus journey time is 35 minutes. Arbroath . Life on Marrs? Buy now at, A clash of bodies just outside the Dunfermline box goes in the favour of Dunfermline who launch the ball to clear the pressure from East Fife. A very interesting tour and a great welcome from everybody.

Unfortunately for him, Smith is there to clear it off the line. Founder of the East Neuk Salt Company, Darren Peattie hopes to raise £28,450 to resurrect the salt harvesting industry. It is quite a comfortable club, which enjoys good views across the Bayview Stadium.

The staple diet of Scottish Football. The ground is down the bottom of this road on the left. ⬆️Jordan Hart - ON 52’ | EFFC 0 - DAFC 1, CHANCE DAFC