This project aims at developing a new generation of high performance NW based photodetectors for a wide range of applications. No college study is possible without research papers.

Positronium has been found to scatter like an electron for the same velocity. 4D structural characterization of carbon-sequestering cements, Surface forces and the behaviour of colloidal systems, Crucial fundamental nuclear data for nuclear fusion and nuclear fission, Nano-bubble formation in fusion relevant materials, Studies on the effect of He irradiation on the microstructure and mechanical properties of W/ W alloys, Diagnosing plasma-surface interactions under fusion-relevant conditions, Achieving ultra-low contact resistance for next generation semiconductor devices, Controlling the properties of 2D materials by defect engineering, Exciton polaritons in 2D atomically thin materials, Using a unique Raman/nanoindentation tool to understand materials under pressure, Three-dimensional crystalline structures from two-dimensional hyperbolic tilings, Exploring novel X-ray scanning trajectories, Solid state synapses and neurons - memristive devices for neuromorphic computing, Metamaterials for Terahertz wave manipulation. Existing contacts typically exploit the thermal and chemical stability of silicide/Si interfaces and take the form of a metal/silicide/Si heterostructure (e.g.

Such methods are based on the ideas coming from the renormalization group theory which states that  physical properties of  spin systems become scale invariant near criticality. The Research School of Physics performs research at the cutting edge of a wide range of disciplines.

Interest in biomimetic computing has led to interest in an excting new range of of solid-state neurons and synapses based on non-volatile resistive-switching and volatile threshold-switching in metal-oxide thin films.

Fusion probabilities at high energies are significantly smaller than theoretical predicted, in part due to disintegration of the projectile nucleus into lighter nuclei (breakup) on timescales faster than 10. It also expounds on radio decay and the theoretical basis of decaying phenomena such as the half-life. By using different shapes and geometries, it is envisaged that these nanostructures will provide novel architectures for advanced, next generation optoelectronic devices. By undertaking your own research project at ANU you could open up an exciting career in science. Develop an active vibraiton isolation platform to provide a quiet, small displacement environment for high precision inteferometry. This theoretical physics project aims to develop novel schemes for generating long-lived, thermally-robust entanglement between individual pairs of cold atoms. At these extremely low temperatures particles behave more like waves.

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We are studying colloidal systems in highly concentrated salt solutions. meriSTEM is an ANU initiative providing online learning resources and support to Australian senior secondary science teachers and students. This project will involve building a unified model of several theoretically-complex X-ray behaviours within the microscopes at the ANU CTLab, drawing from statistical and wave optics: spatial partial-coherence, refraction, and spectral interactions. Usually, the goal of such research endeavors is to help the participating students better understand and appreciate how the objects involved work. This theoretical physics project aims to optimise the performance of atom interferometry in a space-based environment. We are seeking students to perform fundamental research into how different ions exert influence in a myriad of systems. Cornell’s research programs in planetary astronomy, infrared astronomy, theoretical astrophysics, and radio astronomy are internationally recognized.

Recent advances in laser technology now enable the combination of multiple high-quality lasers into a single high-power beam. This project develops a 3D volumetric imaging system to generate three dimensional images of translucent materials. 110 Best Research Paper Topics for All College Students Research topics exist in almost all stages of a student’s life.