To solve this, you can either wait for new pulleys from Ownboard, or swap the broken ones out for the included spare cores and buy some compatible wheels. So if low-end performance and fast 0-100 meter sprint times are more important to you than normal configuration, if you want to get off the line fast, have torque ready to start, and have the confidence to crush hills, then the boost may still be worth it to you. The motor/ belt cover is an important part of keeping the motor/ motor pulley aligned throughout the spring-loaded mechanism. After a full teardown and rebuild, the rattle was still there.

Ownboard W2 is the best mid-range belt drive money can buy. W2 has exceeded expectations in almost every way. As you re-tighten the two screws, squeeze the motor in slightly, lowering the tension as you finish tightening the screws. This belt driven board with a 38″ Loaded Vanguard-inspired deck (without handle) of bamboo and fiberglass with really nice flex has a maximum speed of about 42km/h and a range up to 25.5km. So, the question remains: Where does W2 not compete with something like the Boosted stealth? Please read the safety information carefully before purchasing! Starr Electronic Skateboards sells high end but affordable electronic skateboards, including Faboard, and Ownboard. Their product quality is excellent. This deadened the sound, and confirmed the enclosure was loose. To fix this, tighten the kingpin nut(s) in quarter or half turns. The first is a slight drop in peak performance going into the last 5km, followed by a significant drop in the last 5km. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Get Deal . Instead, I found no screw at all. The 97 mm wheels will fit within the size of the W2 motor/ belt cover (just) but not larger.

The choice is yours. US$98.00. This is caused by the top bushing washer becoming loose and ratting while the bushings compress during a ride. This is a compelling argument – and it’s not that W2 can’t climb hills. So what are the disadvantages about Ownboard W2 in comparison? However, do not attempt to remove and remove the W2 motor/ belt cover to accommodate larger wheels. Prior to the W2 I had the Ownboard W1s, a decent hub motor board which is fairly representative of the best and most reputable china boards out there. At least Ownboard has come with something reliable. Since we are so confident in the quality of our products, we offer one year warranty, on Schedule for EBOARDSTORE WINTER OPEN 2020, Schedule for EBOARDSTORE WINTER OPEN 2020, Evolve Stoke, Ownboard, Alterbags, Skate Kastle, Board Bumpers, Romp Supply, Lifestyle etc etc etc, 2 x Kegel pulleys (compatible with wheels from Orangatang, Boosted Boards, Inboard).
For context, belt driven boards have the motors outside the boards and drive the wheels via a belt, while hub motor boards have the motors embedded directly in the wheels. It’s a treat! 85mm of the Cuagama's is actually really great in combo with … After the wheel is back on the axle, replace the motor cover and screw on all three screws. Ownboard W2 is the best mid-range belt drive money can buy. Of course it can, but it doesn’t as much pull as a Boosted. When I heard this rattling, I assumed it was the spacers within the wheel pulley. Top speed = 21.7 mph (35 km/h) in PRO mode (or 24.2 mph (39 km/h) in HYPER). Once the screws are loose enough you’ll feel internal springs pushing the motor away from the wheel, increase tension and fixing the skipping issue. Next comes the remote control. Ends 14-8-20. I replaced my bushings with Purple Nipples.