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For comparison, the Evolve Bamboo GTR is 96 × 24 cm, and the Ownboard Bamboo is 98 × 24 cm. Build Quality. It’s 98 cm long and 23 cm wide. The all-terrain deck is a 2-ply bamboo, 7-ply Canadian maple mix that makes it flexible, lending to a comfy ride. PRODUCT FEATURE ESC:The W2 ESC uses a customized Hobbywing ESC with sensor. Both are great at absorbing road vibrations but of course the 6 inch rubber wheels negates road vibrations much more significantly. Gets very bumpy on rough pavement, handling of the longer boards is probably better. Meet Ownboard Bamboo AT.

Plan your adventure! This is the real deal! The Off Road All Terrain E-Board is my first skateboard purchase ever and I am happy with the product. I wish there was some better documentation on the boards but emailing support has had a rather quick response. The Ownboard Bamboo electric longboards is one of the most powerful dual belt powered electric skateboard for concrete jungles or all terrain riding. Review. I seen quite a few reviews, recommending to change the bushings on the Ownboard Carbon and Bamboo AT boards.

WEIGHT:    11 kg 30 km with 6 inch AT wheels and up to 42 km with Cloud wheels. Be the first to review “Ownboard Bamboo AT (All Terrain)”.

Ownboard Bamboo AT Black Friday Sale In Progress. If you enjoy low speed carving, chill and comfortable ride, this Board will be the one for you. Use cloud wheels if you want maximum range and torque.
Also comes with various wheel configurations. Middle Mode: 18.75mph (30 km/h) Time will be the true test from here on out but so far absolutely would buy again especially for the price point. The Ownboard W1s has pretty standard specs for boards in its segment: Top Speed: 25mph (40kmh) Range : 12mil (18.5km) Weight: 17.2lbs (7.8kg) Charge Time: 3 Hours; Features: Regenerative Braking, Swappable PU Sleeves.

T.R. I went for the medium battery, so far I haven’t even hit max speed on the first of its 3 speeds it’s that quick. Certainly takes the time stated to ship, but worth the wait, excellent build quality and great customer services.

Your access to this page has been blocked. 1 x dash-proof rubber BRAKING:    Regenerative Braking I got the upgraded battery, and this thing is so fast that I can't even put it in 3rd gear without getting speed wobbles. 1 x T-tool I think Ownboard is doing a really good job, At the moment Im likely to buy more of their products in the future. Only thing I’d really criticise it with is I expected the delivery to take 35-40 days and ended up waiting almost 50. Pre-Sale / After-Sale Email:, Please login and you will add product to your wishlist. Now with flexible bamboo deck, giving the most comfort when riding through rough terrain. This is the real deal! This relates to #1 as the board is very heavy and difficult to carry when needed. 2. Board Is really nice, very pleasing to look at, huge fan of the trucks that come with it. Musí se platit. Ownboard Electric Skateboards Online Shop, Low Price & High Quality. The board comes in at half of its competitor's price and still provides 90% of its functionality. Say bye-bye to road vibrations. Delivery was fairly quick. 2) Maybe include a hidden handle under the deck for easy transport?

Copyright © 2020 Electric Skateboard Malaysia. This is not your typical low end Electric Skateboard. I love my ownboard AT, a lot of torque and fun! I have some suggestions for the next version:

Copyright © 2015 - 2020. Price: around $432 USD (after delivery fee). TRUCKS:    Forged 306 mm / 12 Inch width with double King Pin

As the specs suggest, the Carbon AT off road longboard is at a general advantage with a 1500 Watt dual belt engine and sits at $200 cheaper (SALE Price). My board arrived as expected and upon inspection was missing a few washers (3) upon searching through my eskate box I found some spare washers and was on my way.

RANGE:    Up to 30 km / 19 miles (GT can Up to 42km) so funny and speedy, smooth for driving, i like it so much! Carve and turn easily with double kingpin trucks! For me, I enjoy riding my bamboo gt version of this board, but my problem is that the charging adapters keep blowing. One thing to know is that shipping took a while but I believe the communication a long the way is all there. Been a month or so since I ordered, I still haven’t received tracking information. Pre-Sale / After-Sale Email: However the Backfire electric longboard does have a longer range, whilst tire durability features thickening 6.5" All-Terrain Honeycomb Airless Tires, compared to the Carbon AT’s air filled silicon tires.
je suis dans l’impossibilité de mettre un avis sur le produit car cela fait 40 jours que je suis dans l'attente du produit, j’espère le recevoir très prochainement car je suis impatient de le tester. Write a review. Ownboard Bamboo and Carbon AT were made with every feature that the Evolve Bamboo and Carbon GTR have, including the ability to switch between AT set-up and street set-up, the use of double Kingpin trucks, double drop decks and belt motors. Ownboard Bamboo AT+GT Review - Better than Evolve? W2 is plenty fast and I went with the bigger wheels offered. Strong torque and the motors don't overheat after long rides. I am blown away. A win!