Coral’s John Hill explained: “We are approaching One Direction’s 10 year anniversary. not disappointed???? ‘Half the World Away’ was apparently written by Harry Styles in 2013, but this is the first time fans are getting to hear it. The’re are … should we brace ourselves er what, Me waiting for the full version of “Just Can’t Get Enough” to be leaked/posted, "First OFFICIAL UNRELEASED one direction song" make it make sense i am just really sus of that account and i have a theory that the boys know we got nothing for 10yr and i feel like they cant do anything officially atm(whatever might be the reason)because they were teasing like they would and something happened at last that they couldnt so now its better to leak a song than 1dhq making a shit website lol. DOES THAT MEAN THERE IS GOING TO BE MORE??? One Direction reunion may see reveal of unreleased songs including ‘Got Away’ and ‘Muse’, Niall Horan health: Struggles since youth, One Direction 2020: Potential blow to reunion chances after Niall news. In a recent Instagram Live chat with fans, Liam apparently said he would look for some unreleased One Direction songs, so fans are convinced it was he who uploaded it. there’s an unreleased one direction song (just harry’s vocals??) Speaking out on Twitter, one excited fan wrote: “WHAT IF ONE DIRECTION RELEASED THEIR UNRELEASED SONGS THAT THEY WROTE ALL THIS WHILE, ON JULY 23??”.

literally TODAY. - pranks Tell It To "Play Capital"! ☀ Don't Let Me Go - Harry Styles 2012 Giving Directioners hope the boys are reviving some of their old creations following their tenth anniversary, one person tweeted: “The channel was made very recently.

- always finding new ways to make you laugh Ashe: “you know there is…okay so keep your eyes out because something is coming very soon that I can’t say anything about but hum, when it does… everything is gonna get pushed back. PS1 More R&B than One Direction normally goes for, this pop/R&B sounding medley gave me major early 2000s boy band flashbacks. i had no clue this one direction unreleased song thing existed and just now i was sad so i typed in one direction on youtube to cheer myself up and it was the SECOND video ?? 6am - 10am, Fake Friends Recently odds on the band getting back together were released, which seemed to suggest some sort of reunion was likely. I really wouldnt put it past them to leak something as a treat after the bullshit that was 1DHQ’s website and recycled content. - Hearing loads of unreleased songs both solo & 1D. They signed with Simon The team decided to go their separate ways shortly after Malik left the band. The song was titled “Got Away” and sparked a number of theories within the fandom – most of which involved the suggestion that more unreleased songs existed. A supposedly unreleased One Direction song called ‘Half the World Away’ has leaked online.