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The "Case Book" entries are an important reference for referees, players, coaches and hockey executives. Players in these age categories are automatically released from their current team at the completion of the OHF Championships. Resident Players of the LOR may participate with a team other than that of their home association, provided they have obtained the required documents. The Hockey Canada Network offers coaches, players and parents in every community across Canada access to the best information for developing hockey players. The OHF and Hockey Canada continue to review the policies in our Handbook. Alliance Hockey Greater Toronto Hockey League Northern Ontario Hockey Association Ontario Minor Hockey Association, OHF Registration Committee Appeals Procedure, Playing Minor Hockey for Burlington Residents. OMHA PLAYERS CLUB & SKILL TESTING. In order to attend tryouts with a team outside of their Member (ie - OMHA Player trying out in the GTHL or a GTHL Player trying out in the OMHA), Players are required to obtain a Permission to Skate form from their former team.
The rest of the Passport will be filled out by the AA or A centre and, if the player is successful in obtaining a position with the teamto which they are trying out for, the AA or A Centre will upload the completed Passport in The Player’s Profile in the HCR System.If the player is unsuccessful in obtaining a position, he returns to the Home Centre. By Semptember 30th, the Zone Governing/Operating Committee shall provide each Home Centre with a list by team, of all signed players and identify all players granted a AAA Waiver. Any AAA Team signing a player what has received a AAA Waiver will advise the player's Home Centre, by mail, within seven (7) days. Rules and regulations in sport go hand in hand. Develop your shooting & scoring skills at home! Register for the tryout with the AAA Zone Governing/Operating Committee. E-mail: omha@omha.net. endobj The Lake Ontario Region (LOR) is an area of the Ontario Hockey Federation (OHF) comprised of both the Greater Toronto Hockey League (GTHL) and Ontario Minor Hockey Association (OMHA). They are necessary and so are good people helping officiate, coach and administer hockey at all levels across the nation.

Offence, defence, goaltending, special teams, with or without the puck; close to a hundred searchable drill videos, descriptions and diagrams are available for players of all levels.