No work flow or approvals required. While some firms have special software in place to request vacations, for the most part, many rely on the back and forth email. Or creating a group? by

The more people you have, the more I think you may want to look at a Public Folder, or indeed SharePoint. Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, in OneDrive. Just a public "whiteboard" for everyone to see who is on Vacation or whether there are any Visitors scheduled and when. At this point, I'm thinking either a new email address, group, or perhaps a shared mailbox. Published calendars' .html link can be put into an iframe so it can be then embedded into any webpage, including Sharepoint site pages with embed webpart. SPO-based list is certainly an option, so are shared/room mailboxes, Groups or even PF calendar, but the devil is in the details. It doesn't seem like room calendars can be viewed from a mobile device so that may be one downside where a shared calendar would be better. So you will get better experience with Shared/Room mailboxes on that front.

I added it to Sharepoint online and set it up in about 15 minutes. Updates the SharePoint Online list with the approver's decision comments.

I am looking for opinions and experience, which do you like best? I'm looking to set up a calendar for one of our clients that has less than 30 users. You can select several and have them in a single view as a default calander view though but not 40 :), Best Setup for Office 365 Vacation Calendar, Re: Best Setup for Office 365 Vacation Calendar. I belive using only your own calendar is the way to go...make sure all people necessary share their calendar with free/busy and all other wanted permission like read on subject or all information!

Office 2016 to 365 upgrade remove mail accounts, Migration from G Suite to SharePoint online. I'm leaning towards Outlook Groups but Public Folders also seems to work.

Set that person to be whoever you want to control/approve timeoff requests.

We have been using a third party product but I found a pre-built solution in Microsoft's Appsource called Time-Off Manager. Collaborate for free with online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Hey, we all need vacations from time to time. I'm seeking a simple Outlook solution to create a Vacation or Visitor calendar where employees can put Vacation or Visitors on a public calendar that everyone can see. Also, if you have a HR person entering vacation, I don't see a way for them to do so on a room resource without it going to their own calendar. Create a "room mailbox" called Time Off Calendar. Or I could be wrong and just haven't played with it enough to get it work. Its a lovely solution and relatively cheap for either the basic or pro version. Another similar dilemma is permissions - by default everyone will be able to create/edit events in Group's Calendar, there is no approval process. I am looking into doing this as well as our current process is largely manual and therefore requires a significant amount of management.