But to prevent new life they created from being powerful god-like aliens like themselves, they split their attributes between two different types of Seed: Lilith-type Seeds make what we would consider normal biospheres, that give rise to species with human-like consciousness and intelligence, while Adam-type Seeds produce exotic, Angel life-forms possessing massive power levels but not human-like intellects that can produce science and technology. This list of most well-known Neon Genesis Evangelion characters can also be sorted alphabetically if you click the header at the top of the column labeled "Name.". The Evas have human souls bonded to them, and are piloted by select 14-year-old teenagers who can synchronize with those souls; in the case of at least Units 01 and 02, those teens happen to be the children of the women who were bonded to those Evas. Pen-Pen is Evangelion's main non-Butt-Monkey comic relief, and a mysterious character to boot.

and "who are all the characters in Neon Genesis Evangelion? But that same material also states that they first truly rose to power after the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Ironically, that's the exact move that Rei uses to defeat Armisael. Sachiel's and Shamshel's genders, which were confirmed by Yoshitoh Asari as male and female respectively. Fittingly, he's the first Angel who appear when Mankind starts playing God. When he leaves the story, you know that a change in tone is imminent.

(Most) Evas are "made" out of the first Angel, Adam, akin to how the Biblical Eva (Eve) was made out of the first human of the same name.

Gainax has never stated where he came from; all that is known is that he is Misato's pet penguin. Its name means "Humiliated Son of God", referencing the fact that it has no body of its own. Neon Genesis Evangelion Main Character Index The Children | NERV Staff | GEHIRN Staff | Other Characters | Extracanonical Characters This page contains unmarked spoilers. Vote for your personal favorite characters from the show, regardless of how beloved they are by others. Character tropes for Rebuild of Evangelion go on their own page..


Hikari is the no-nonsense Class Representative of Shinji's class, and the second-born of three sisters. is about a azn emo kid named Shinji Ikari who is under the care of Misato Katsuragi, an alcoholic pedophile.Along the way, he meets an emotionless loli named Rei and a Nazi loli named Asuka.

Sandalphon is the angel of embryos (discovered during a "larval stage", its "voice" is composed of electronically distorted baby wailing), among other things.