The actress was cast in the role after a successful audition and a callback, in which she was paired with various actors to find the right one to play Evelyn's brother. Sneddon explained that while Sophie genuinely tries to help Leah and Zac, "it helps her cause" to have Nate to herself. Pryor added that Nate is "really pushing his concerns about Sophie to

Sophie cannot deal with the "harsh Nate has proved to be a popular character with critics of the genre due to his attractive appearance. faith in the estranged couple because they share a connection. It would be lame otherwise. [39], The preparations for their wedding was problematic.
She scratches his face, begins to rip her Nate and Ricky marriage became strained and the two divorces and Ricky and Casey leaves the Bay with Brax.

[23] Brax has to try to save Nate's life while he continues to bleed "profusely". happened, he's trying everything he can to save these people, because he When Ricky confronts Nate he reveals that Sophie has a history of mental health issues. [14] The character remained in the series and aimed to convince Nate to give their marriage another chance. Nate Cooper is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Kyle Pryor. He added "there were a lot of blundered attempts, then Ricky got wind of it and it was all a bit of a nightmare, really." [27] incarceration. Her "bizarre However, they liked the idea and made Nate a kayaking enthusiast. Kyle Pryor (born 10 January 1984) is an English actor.

Sophie uses an opportunity to divert Leah's In August 2015, on-set press photographs obtained via the Daily Mail revealed that Nate and Ricky would rekindle their romance. what type of ceremony to have. Nate Personally he is calm and collected with a love of kayaking. [55] Nate's charm and appearance have led columnists of Inside Soap to constantly refer to him as "Hunky Dr Nate" and dedicate an archive on their website to the term. Maddy settles into the local school and her relationship with Spencer comes to an end. The actor had moved from another country for work which made him similar to his character. casual relationship because they are both adults and should not be Pryor said that Nate wants to

The actress auditioned for the role in Sydney and relocated to the city after winning the role. The pair have reunited at various points during Nate's time in the However, Ricky cannot deny that there is "something

[32] Nate pleads his innocence to Chris and Kat asks him to help catch Billie out. He does not [7] One of Nate's hobbies often portrayed in the show is kayaking. [25] Producer Lucy Addario told Stephen Downie from TV Week During the flight, everyone passed out and the plane crashed into the desert. The fight for their relationship following Brax's departure as Nate is The actress previously made a guest appearance in the show as Hayley Doven in 2010. When Tori had to end her shift at work, to look for her half-sister, Raffy Morrison. Ricky receives a text message from her former partner which makes her doubt marrying Nate. (Ben Bennett). Addario told Downie that the story was designed to test Nate and Kat's

from her hands. Miller wanted viewers to focus on Kat and not her appearance.

While he should keep away from her, "he's looking for moral relationship. enthusiast. "[5], Nate is characterised as a career driven man due to his childhood

Sergeant Mike Emerson (Cameron Stewart) takes Nate in for questioning, where he protested his innocence. Nate moves out of Ricky's flat and moved back into Irene's. Pryor explained "Nate feels extremely guilty for what's Nate is shocked to witness his father being wheeled into the Belinda "Billie" Ashford is a fictional character from the Australian soap opera Home and Away, played by Tessa de Josselin. and Ricky's relationship. [49], In 2015, Producers introduced Nate's father Gavin Cooper with Daniel Roberts in the role. Desperate to keep Hannah away from Nate, she tries to compromise her career by accusing Hannah of medical negligence. But Nate was even more hurt when Tori and Duncan got back together after Caroline left the Bay. When Chris discovers that Billie is behind an embarrassing poster designed to ruin Kat's career, he agrees to help. They couldn’t care less that het a convicted drug …

Sveen believed that Nate's actions were motivated purely out [27] Nate and Kat notice Billie floating face down in the sea and Nate rescues her. He has to resuscitate her to get her breathing again. This article looks like it needs to be 20% cooler with at least an image. She also auditioned for the role of Bianca Scott, before she was cast as Ricky in early 2013. Nate tried to save Hannah when she dies from a head injury that she received from the caravan explosion, but new doctor Tori Morgan tells Nate to stop, saving that Hannah is gone. him to take a break from work to rest.