Copyright © 2020 Evolve Mixed Martial Arts. Especially if you want to make a clinch engagement to shut down a decent puncher if he gets too close. :). Also, it is important to remember that a heavy puncher has the potential to break through a good guard as well.So with a heavy puncher, you need to focus on maintaining an extra-safe range; a range that is perhaps a little more than what is usually comfortable for you. It's decent, but not something you should always use for defense. Enter your email below to get the latest updates from Evolve Vacation. This sentiment also applies to standouts of other…, Over the years, Muay Thai fans have been treated to spectacular bouts, rivalries, and spectacles. Why Attending The Mendes Bros World Super Camp Is A Must For BJJ Competitors, The Different Types Of Knees In Muay Thai. I use it to bait and catch kicks sometimes. The pantheon of the sport’s greatest fighters is only reserved for those who have exhibited the art of Thailand’s national…, One thing about the sport of boxing that causes a lot of arguments and controversy is the scoring system. Win and protect yourself in a street fight by using this EASY to learn and EFFECTIVE long guard defence used by many martial artists.

Even if you might have better boxing ability over your opponent, trading shots in the pocket is just too risky against a heavy puncher. Always remember that your opponent has likely factored this into his game plan, and is going to do everything in his power to take your weapons away from you. To shut off a decent combination puncher they first stretch out their long guard then dipping down to their right to avoid hooks/right hands. Cause Holzken was clueless on how to deal with a simple teep? All things Muay Thai, news, upcoming events & general discussion. Defense: Maintain an Extra-Safe RangeMaintaining a good range is key to performing well both offensively and defensively against any type of opponent. However, to say that this is the case against a neat puncher in pro kickboxing / muay thai isn't right. And if you have ever sparred or fought a heavy hitter, then you know this to be true.In Muay Thai, the heaviest punches in the ancient art’s history are undoubtedly some of the most frightening and intimidating fighters to have ever stepped into the ring as well.

The reason is simply because the damage that can be done by a heavy puncher who is allowed a range that is comfortable to him/her can do much more significant damage to you than a fighter who hits with an average amount of power. Leg kicks are an integral weapon in Muay Thai and can provide…, Like many things in life, there is more than one way of performing a task to reach the desired goal. I tried slapping their hands down then throwing straights over the top, kind of like a catch and counter. All in all, long guard is a very effect way to shut down punches, as long as it is used for good purpose - as a transitional and active guard rather than static. What Made Samart Payakaroon An All-Time Muay Thai Great? Given the…, Regardless of the discipline, evolution will eventually change the landscape of how we see it. Offense: Focus on CounteringThe worst thing you can do when facing a heavy puncher is to engage in a brawl with him/her. This makes it important for you to know how to react when your shots are slipped and your opponent is moving in for the kill. These fighters include greats like Khaosai Galaxy, Coban Lookchaomaesaitong, Ramon Dekkers, Sagat Petchyindee and the recently retired, Yodsanklai Fairtex.So how does one combat a heavy puncher in Muay Thai? However, against a heavy puncher, it is especially crucial. Defence: defend the right hand with long guard Counter Attack: right push elbow to sternum or jaw and right knee to mid-section . UFC World Champion Georges St-Pierre Trains At Evolve MMA! Especially if you want to make a clinch engagement to shut down a decent puncher if he gets too close. This is because on the way to forcing the clinch – be it with a double guard, long-arm guard, double long-arm guard or simply charging forward – you run the risk of getting caught by your opponent’s strikes.The best way to force the clinch is to engage after an attack instead of moving in while the opponent is timing and reading your entry. That long guard doesn't protect your body, so any "neat" boxer would slip in at an angle and throw devastating bodyshots. It can work well to create space, destabilize, or combo a teep (as you mentioned). How To Use The Long Guard To Defend Against Punches . Use angles to your advantage.