Muay Khao is a style in Muay Thai that relies heavily on the knee. This is where the style of fighting a muay thai fighter employs is important. Muay Bok looked very brutal and looked entertaining in the match.

In this case, Muay Thai fighters will use lots of elbows, punches, and low kicks to attack. A fighter that’s strong in the clinch. Which Muay Thai Glove Size Should I Choose? Muay Boran uses all kinds of attacks such as wrestling, throwing, and locking. What Factors Influence a Nak Muay’s Style?

However, this style is effective enough to outwit opponents in providing unexpected punches. Relentless pressure and stalking down their opponent to clinch up and rapid fire powerful knees is their main strategy. While knees as the main weapon used by muay khao, elbows and punches in the close range also are used to inflict heavy damage in brutal fashion.

The muay mat fighter often works in the middle and close range. A Muay Bouk is an aggressive fighter who moves forward constantly, putting pressure on his opponent and rarely backs away. A constant forward moving fighter. Successful knee techniques give many points in Muay Thai and are also very destructive. Like many other martial arts, Muay Thai also comes with fighting styles.

1. The four main styles discussed above are the most commonly known and seen in muay thai. The most prolific brand name in today’s global Muay Thai landscape. Many Muay Khaos are also technical specialists who excel in the clinch.

The Nak Muay Mat looks for the KO and shows great heart both in endurance to pressuring and marching forward and and courage in being able to withstand and take shots in order to land their hard shots. Weakness: Muay Femur looks brutal in certain perspectives. The most famous proponent of the muay khao style is Dieselnoi. A technical fighter that likes to throw the elbow a lot.
Strength: Muay Femur became the most memorable Muay Thai style in combat.

Powerful kicks thrown against an opponents guard can also nullify a strong puncher by wearing down their arms from constantly having to block heavy kicks. Muay Femur is also a Muay Thai style that is very stylistic and memorable. One of the best ever Sagat Pinchindee is a great example of a nak muay mat. It is always a war with Muay Bouks and that is what makes them fan-favorites with fight fans. After 8 … Fans love his heavy left hooks and notorious leg kicks but Harrison can be just as technical with his wild sweeps and throws. Muay Phlam. Fights involving a Muay Bouk are explosive, often brutal and always entertaining.

Yodwicha is a well known muay phlam fighter.