Most Spoken Languages in Europe 2019 English:. The Tiguan is one of three VWs in the top ten, and is one of the reasons why Volkswagen registered nearly 70% more cars in 2018 than any other brand. English may not have the most native speakers in Europe, but given its global importance, it’s the most widely spoken.

The supermini crown is in fact held by the Clio. Where are the world’s best English-speakers? Why Chinese? Although it isn’t the most popular car in that sector, the C3 is still performing strongly in 13th. The far and widespread reach of the Spanish language across Europe and the Americas has made it our No. Peugeot is the highest-ranked manufacturer to have registered fewer than one million cars in 2018. ITALIAN – 13% OF THE POPULATION. Even with this downturn, the Golf leads the field by an astonishing 109,486 units. Interestingly, there are actually 1,526 Niger-Congo languages altogether, though only 12 are represented here. If just 731 more examples had been registered in 2018, it would have made the top ten. It’s still not Europe’s most popular medium-sized SUV, but registrations leapt up by 26%, the best improvement of any car you’ll be reading about here. Native speakers (2019): 917.8 million; Non-Native speakers: 198.7 million ; Widely spoken in: China, Taiwan, and Singapore; Mandarin Chinese takes the cake as the world's most spoken language based on its tremendous number … You can unsubscribe at any time. Fifth in Europe, it is one place further up on the UK chart, just ahead of the Ford Focus. Registrations last year were almost exactly the same as they were in 2017. It is a long way ahead of nearly every other model on the market, but it is still not registered in anything like the same quantity as Europe’s most popular car.

English is a language of West Germanic origin that was initially spoken in early medieval England. With the help of industry analysis company JATO, we can tell you just that. The Yaris is the only new entry in the top ten, having soared up from 15th in 2017. Languishing in the bottom slots are a clutch of South-East and Central Asian countries like Cambodia and Kyrgyzstan. The Polo is clearly doing very well, but it’s still not the most successful supermini in Europe. According to Ethnologue, the language family contains over 3 billion speakers in total. JATO attributes this to a dramatic loss of fortune in Germany and the UK, its two most important markets. But how does it fare in Europe as a whole? Fifth in the UK charts, it sits a full ten places lower on the European list. A study by a Spanish research institute confirmed the bad news: 60% of adults say they speak no English at all. Vauxhall, or Opel as it’s known outside the UK, is another manufacturer struggling to find customers for its medium-sized hatchback. Dec 4th 2019. Astra registrations declined by 27% in 2018, the largest drop among all the cars mentioned here. If the 308 is going through a difficult time, the same can’t be said for its SUV equivalent. Russian is mostly spoken in the eastern part of the continent. The Kuga is Ford’s best-established SUV on this side of the Atlantic, and also the most popular. The fact that Spanish is a global language in its own right (the language boasts 400m native speakers) is probably the culprit. The SUV market is the largest in Europe by some way, but superminis are still finding a lot of buyers. English and Italian tied with 13 percent of the population speaking both of these languages in Europe.

And of the roughly 1.5bn speakers globally, the vast majority speak it as a second language. You might think it unlikely that even the cheapest Mercedes would have more registrations than a mainstream Peugeot, but that’s the way things are.

A newly updated index ranks proficiency around the world. For more details about your data privacy and your rights please see our privacy policy. French, spoken by 12% of Europe, is another Roman language having its roots in the Indo-European linguistic... German:. Renault’s Romanian subsidiary is one of the great success stories of the past decade.

Interestingly, there are actually 1,526 Niger-Congo languages altogether, though only 12 are represented here. More than one third of new Fiestas registered in Europe last year were built to be sold here. Want more Read Cars direct to your inbox? France is next, while Spain and Italy are persistent laggards. This is particularly interesting because while most languages in Europe use the Latin alphabet, Russian uses the Cyrillic alphabet instead.

This language was entirely an expected one, right?