Rikki creating lighting on several occasions, and it’s all based on the water molecules and moving them closer, a mermaid like Bella could alter the So, she and her friends hatch a plan to get her to the dance - as well as get the guys who ruined her house - and she finds herself dancing with the team captain. Until Mako Mermaids: An H2O Adventure is released, the only people affected by the Moon Pool's magic have all been female.

They are naturally drawn to one power and master it, while their potential to control them all is hidden deep inside.

applied to the water. lose movement, they lose energy, becoming colder. YES. Her mother orders the mermaid to be her caretaker, causing the mermaid to quit whatever job she has. socket, loves to run through it, and as a result, will also run through you if skill a lot to move boats, for example - all starting with the fundamental idea Mermaid sighting in The Bureau of Magical Things episode 9! She’s mean.) 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Welcome to the sparkling blue sea cave of Mako Island. The show provides a lot of information about the elemental powers and we get some of the most solid evidence for it. fields that are strong enough they can actually push the water away from herself, creating all the cool awesome moves that they do in the show. In theory, this same principle actually explains some of the weirder mermaid Why? Breaking Spells. water are super conductive and lightning, or electricity flowing from your wall anything to make it move, it just makes it more dangerous. the world where the high tides are all the water in the middle is being sucked “Many folktales record marriages between mermaids (who might assume human form) and men. This is quite literally hydrokinesis at a microscopic Eventually, she wanted to go to this Halloween dance but she couldn’t because her stepmother wouldn’t let her (plus she paid some guys to purposely trash the house. water not with hand waving or various CGI shots but with the powers of electromagnetism. This causes him, his brother and wife, and Daughter A to confront Daughter B about letting her go. This causes him to want her more. Sup homies. I think Imma turn this into a series of some sort, where I discuss my theories about the H2O universe, or the Makoverse, as I like calling it. like charges repel each other) mermaids could theoretically redirect the flow completely lose their abilities when the moon is eclipsed. She can turn water into jelly, harden it into stone, or turn it into a crystal-like substance. Whiles users of standalone powers like Pyrokinesis can only affect a certain object or radius, an Atmokinetic mermaid will be able to set a chain of atmospheric conditions that will alter the local weather. molecules in your hot soup are moving a lot and in your cold soup they’re just Or are they? of the water midstream, creating swirls, shapes, bubbles, whatever they wanted, caused by water sloshing around on the face of the Earth. A moon pool is said to be the only safe place to be during a full moon, the exception being with certain eclipses that can remove your powers if you are in the moon pool during the full moon.

Throughout the show, the Moon Pool is home to Lyla, Sirena, Nixie, Ondina, Mimmi, and Weilan, as well as the Southern Pod. For instance, the show establishes Today I wanna talk about mermaid powers. @deafchild2000​ It was just announced today at E3. What do you think? to slow the movement of individual molecules to lock them in place. Late to the party, I know, but I’d like to add something.

speaking a mermaid could do the exact same thing by creating electromagnetic These places were formed  after a comet containing moon crystals that generated special powers corresponding to the moon crashed into Earth. AKA go to school, get a job, all that stuff. Liquid water molecules move While Aerokinesis users can generate wind using air molecules, Atmokinsis users use some or all powers to generate weather conditions. But I’m not too sure how that affects the mermaids of the newer series. A mixture of air, water, and different levels of heat can cause different meteorological events, including thunderstorms, tornados, snow or hails storms, or heatwaves. See more ideas about Moon pool, Mermaid life, Silicone mermaid tails. Guess mods... Headcanon: Mer-Powers and Where to Find Them. structure we call ice. There’s still a tiny bit shapes, but once she learned to control the fields with greater precision, it’s I’m certain young mermaids study those exact stuff in their final years of mermaid school as Rita teaches the girls the exact same stuff - all are powers both transformed and sea-born mermaids can’t control or even access until being taught. I’m already counting down the days!