Comedy, Drama, Horror. There is an explosion, and the spirits of the murdered people emerge from the flames and hover in the air briefly, only to transform into fireballs. Sort of all three, and the eerie ambiguity makes it so interesting.

With the rerelease of the original Dracula film, Nosferatu, we cast our minds back to the early years of cinema to prove that some of the medium’s greatest chills came in silent form. | A man takes a job at an asylum with hopes of freeing his imprisoned wife. Louise Fazenda, Edith Roberts, The 25 Best Horror Movies of 2017.

Gregory Scott,
Conrad Veidt, Teil - Das Ende des Homunculus (1916), A | Jean Debucourt,

92 min T. Hayes Hunter The ending, when it comes, is an absolute classic, and surprisingly heartwarming for such an out-and-out experiment in fear. Del Lord, Lyda Salmonova, Vampire Count Orlok expresses interest in a new residence and real estate agent Hutter's wife. A wealthy man invites the local wealthy bachelors over for a puppet show about men who covet another man's wife. Here’s hoping that this newfound streak of humility is here to stay. 69 min Leave it to the suddenly resurgent M. Night Shyamalan to find some new angles on a story that's been told about 50 (awful) times since Hostel and Saw hit the scene. Marceline Day,
60 min Olaf Fønss, A demon, a reaper, and the ghost of a prostitute read gothic short stories and act them out. J. Charles Haydon

Amleto Novelli, | Perhaps it was the uninspiring summer blockbuster season to thank for an audience starved for something, but just as much credit must go to director Andy Muschietti and, especially, to Pennywise star Bill Skarsgård for taking Stephen King’s famously cumbersome, overstuffed novel and transforming it into something stylish, scary and undeniably entertaining. Director: Drama, Horror, Mystery. | There is no evidence of Aronosfky’s intention beyond what we’ve intuited from watching his films since the ’90s. Director: Edward Everett Horton, Crime, Mystery, Directors:

Stars: Rudolf Klein-Rogge, 65 min | 16 min Chester Conklin, Frank Reade, Not Rated Masuo Inoue, —Andy Crump, Director: Olivier Assayas Doris Kenyon, Louise Fazenda, 55 min Joseph W. Smiley 13 min Horror, In this version of the golem legend, the golem, a clay statue brought to life by Rabbi Loew in 16th century Prague to save the Jews from the ongoing brutal persecution by the city's rulers,... See full summary », Directors: It. | Horror, Wilton, a hunchback, who was always scorned and ridiculed by women, returns from Java a rich man after having discovered a diamond mine. Jules-Eugène Legris, Here he uses his makeup skills to transform himself into the deformed ‘Phantom’ skulking around the lower quarters of the Paris Opera. ©2020 British Film Institute. Murnau J. Warren Kerrigan, Joan Crawford, Gerda Holmes, | 16,306 |