©2020 Fiji Muay Thai Athletes perform the gesture by bending their left arm and placing it in their right armpit. Again as purely a combat art without rules and to be applied against enemy combatants or in a self defense situation, it is useful for the practitioner to be able to use any part of the body to overcome an assailant. Each bout can be booked as a 3, 4 or 5 round fight with 3 minutes per round and a 2-minute break in between rounds. The wrong way to land a headbutt is forehead to forehead. Lethwei is believed to be created over a 1000 years ago in Burma.

Headbutts are dangerous in a fight but they’re even dangerous in training.

A headbutt from the clinch is called a choke hkaung tike, a rushing headbutt is known as the hkaung sount tike, and the flying headbutt is called a hkun hkaung tike. MMA Life is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program and other affiliate programs. Back in early times the winner would not be determined by who got the most points, but would be rewarded to whomever knocked out their opponent first.

If you have more Neanderthal DNA in your body than your opponent then you win. The fighters must only wear tape, gauze and electrical tape on their hands and feet. The words used are phonetics based words which are more friendly and easy to pronounce for non-Myanmar speaking people.

How to Safely Strengthen Your Neck for BJJ.

Clinching is another important element of Lethwei. Now to go over the six best techniques that participants use during competitions. The headbutt technique, known as gowl tite in Burmese is very developed in Lethwei and consists of different forms of headbutt listed below: As a modern martial art that is based in combat and developed for use in the Israeli Defense Force, Krav Maga also includes the headbutt in its training and techniques. A knee to the upper chest and an elbow to the face. The spinning elbow strike is an effective move as it moves your body out of the way of your opponents and allows direct contact to their face. A roundhouse kick is a direct kick to the back of the head (unless an opponent throws up their arms in defense. "Lethwei: Everything you need to know about Burmese bareknuckle boxing", "The Most Brutal Sport in the World Uses Bare Knuckles and Head Butts", "Punches, headbutts, knockouts: Asia's 'new' martial arts sensation", "Bando: The style of Burmese Martial Arts", "Lethwei Fighter Lands Torpedo Headbutt KO", "From Myanmar, with blood: The Singaporean fighting tradition to take the martial art of lethwei to the world", "Burmese Lethwei: The Tradition of Child Fighters", "Women join in Myanmar's ferocious kickboxing", "Combat Sports: Boxing, Taekwondo, Judo, Fencing, Sumo, Kendo, Grappling, Kickboxing, Savate, Boxing Training, Paralympic Judo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mi", "Traditional kickboxing, an ancient sport makes a revival", "Born Warriors Redux: A New Era Begins for an Ancient Sport", "Tun Tun Min wins Myanmar Lethwei World Championship", "The Burmese Kickboxing Style of Lethwei Expands Into Singapore", "World Lethwei Championship: Biggest Int'l.

And at the other end you have fights to the death that would make Roman gladiators proud.

The inclusion of headbutts and ‘bare knuckle’ or no gloves makes Lethwei one of the most brutal combat sports in the world. And in modern BJJ the head gets used as an extra appendage all the time to open the guard, push and pull your opponent’s limbs, apply pressure, etc. Did I mention that it’s completely free and always will be?

[26], In 2016, Myanmar's first international promotion called World Lethwei Championship or WLC launched its events using the modern Lethwei rules.