endobj LAX Clock requires four AA batteries & two 9V batteries (sold separately for $8.25) Free Custom Protective / Waterproof Carry Case ($29.50 Retail value) ITEM IS NOW IN STOCK!!!! Ask a question or report and issue : support@lavin-apps.com 2018 NCAA Men’s Lacrosse Rules and Officiating Video; 2017 Shot Clock Experimental Rules Survey; 2017-18 Experimental Rule: 60-Second Shot Clock; 2017 Survey Results; Memo: January 2017 Rules Updates and Clarifications; Rules Participation. 2 0 obj We do not teach it to Level 1 officials, because in U15 and under games the offended team is typically less likely to be disadvantaged by a quick whistle than at the high-school level. The penalty for a personal foul results in a one to three minute suspension from play and possession to the team that was fouled. Copyright © 2020 BC Lacrosse Association  Privacy Policy, Maximum number of officials per clinic is, (must be 13 years old in the calendar year), Victory / Ross Cups - Senior Men's Field Nationals, Directorate & Technical Support Group Sections, Provincial Championships / Invitational Tournaments, Making Head Way Concussion eLearning Series, 2020 Box Lacrosse Officials Clinic Schedule, Form 400B - Minor Box Referee Clinic Registration Form, CLA Box and Field Lacrosse Certification Levels, * Please Note: Minimum 13 years of age to referee, Box Lacrosse Official Jerseys are available at the. A team shall be composed of six (6) players on the floor, 5 runners and one goalie. Sound the horn at the end of each period. Check one or more sport-specific newsletters (recommended), Arizona Community College Athletic Conference, Kansas State High School Athletic Association, Kentucky High School Athletic Association, Louisiana High School Officials Association, Mississippi High School Activities Association, New Hampshire Softball Umpires Association, Missouri State High School Activities Association, Nevada Interscholastic Activities Association, South Carolina Basketball Officials Association, Colorado High School Activities Association, Central Connecticut Association of Football Officials, South Carolina Football Officials Association, Tennessee Secondary School Athletic Association, Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association, Collegiate Women’s Lacrosse Officiating Association, Pro Grade Magnetic "Book" Style 6" Umpire Lineup Card Holder / Game Card Referee Wallet, Pro Grade Magnetic "Book" Style 5" Umpire Lineup Card Holder / Game Card Referee Wallet, Leather "Flip" Style 6" Umpire Lineup Card Holder / Game Card Referee Wallet, Women's Lacrosse Referee Penalty & Warning Cards, RefSmart Women's Lacrosse Referee Reusable Information / Game Card, RefSmart Lacrosse Referee Reusable Information / Game Card, NCAA / NFHS Lacrosse Referee Template / Scorecard, Referee Penalty & Warning Cards Set with Holder, Umpire / Referee Game Card Pencil with Pencil Shield.
1. NFHS Hard Copy NFHS Digital Copy 2020 NFHS Rule Changes PPT. Announce 1 minute before the end of each quarter; In last quarter give a 2 minute warning.

LAX Clock - 3 ( Outer two Penalty timers double as scoreboard ).

Penalty timers automatically sound a low volume alarm to notify Time keeper when to release player.
in kids lacrosse there is no penalty shot the team just loses a player and the other team gets a fast break or starts with it somewhere in the offensive zone. 3. Play-on for lower levels. <> 1 0 obj