All you need is Brussels sprouts, bacon, and a little salt and pepper for the ingredients.

Rotate them throughout the month and mix in some easy grilled recipes for a complete meal plan. You can’t just wing it, be lazy, or rely on takeout when you’re watching your carb intake. But for keto dieters, this just means added sugars.

By mixing grass-fed beef with portobello mushrooms, you’ll have a juicy, flavorful burger that will fit perfectly into your daily macros. Zucchini (sometimes called summer squash) contains large quantities of vitamin C, phosphorus, manganese, and potassium [2].

Slice into 12 pieces for serving. But this keto-friendly low-carb zucchini bread breaks the mold, and tastes great, too. These chicken skewers are delicious, succulent, and comes with an equally tasty keto friendly tzatziki. That said, they’re an optional topper ingredient and not part of the overall recipe, so feel free to eliminate them if they don’t fit into your own personal keto diet plan. There’s vegetables in it, after all! Here you’ll find one of the most potent superfoods on the market: chicken liver. Thanks to fiber-packed almond flour (one of the main ingredients) and a touch of our favorite low-carb sweetener KetoLogic Erythritol, you won’t be left wanting a “real” treat after you give this keto bread a try. I love to grill, which is probably obvious! These keto diet-friendly comfort foods are so close to the real thing you’ll wonder why you ever ate the original versions in the first place. Simply bake seasoned pork chops in the oven for approximately one hour, then top with optional keto-friendly barbeque sauce. One quick note before we get started: links to the kitchen tools and gadgets mentioned throughout this post are affiliate links. This tasty and creamy mushroom chicken recipe can’t get any easier. Get more great tips for living your best keto life as well as over 160 new keto recipes inside Keto for Life! Don’t forget the sauce! Grate the zucchini with a grater or food processor. Did you know that avocados are good for so much more than guacamole? You may be surprised how much is in your go-to BBQ sauces – I’m listing a few keto-friendly alternatives in case you need them.

It’s no surprise that most of the takeout you enjoyed pre-keto is no longer an option.

It’s made with almond flour instead of traditional all-purpose flour, meaning there’s plenty of fiber (good for health and lowering net carbs). Top the soup with a bit of sour cream and shredded cheese, and enjoy. By swapping out corn or flour tortillas for red peppers, you bring your carb count down considerably. Flip once, place the mushroom and onion mix right on top and add some coconut milk to create a deliciously creamy sauce. Give it a try! Easy Keto Coleslaw: sugar free, dairy free.

While you could still order food at your favorite Asian restaurant, there’s a good chance you’ll have to make a few adjustments to get a keto-friendly dish. Our recipe combines the benefits of zucchini with other healthy ingredients, such as almond flour, ginger, cinnamon, eggs, and pecans.Â, And while most zucchini bread recipes are full of carbs, this one manages to keep the carbs low and still be delicious.Â.
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Not really worth it, as you can see.

Move Your Body 8.

Eat Regularly 4.

In a large bowl, combine almond flour, salt, cinnamon, ground ginger, erythritol, and baking soda. Traditional recipes usually include breadcrumbs, peas, carrots, corn, and sometimes a sugar bomb of ketchup baked in on top.

Sandwiches are a summer staple, but bread is a no-go on the keto diet.

The Bottom Line: You Need Low Intensity Cardio Just, Leandrea does it all: she’s a mother of two, a full-time nurse practitioner, and a former competitive dancer. Got 3 minutes?

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Want a make-ahead salad that’s filling enough to eat as a main course? Stir batter until combined.

For example, one slice of a traditional recipe could contain [, Very little fiber (this eliminates the possibility that the net carbs will be lower), Our recipe, on the other hand, works perfectly. In short, our version is much healthier than most other recipes, and definitely keto-approved. Before we get to the list of 75 Best Keto Summer Salad Recipes, here is an excerpt from my new book Keto for Life on how to unleash your inner salad chef and build the perfect keto salad – and more importantly how NOT to!