Loch A’an is a breathtaking pocket of Scotland, hidden deep in the heart of the mountains and only accessible on foot. Head to tranquil Varsatay Bay in the east; a place where white sandy beaches meets beautiful blue water.

Sandwood Bay, in particular, has legendary status in the wild camping community (and with good reason). Cols are those flat-ish lower points between peaks. They’re not. Speaking of when you leave, make sure you’ve collected up all of your litter before departing.

Before you go wild camping in Scotland, it’s worth familiarising yourself with the Scottish Outdoor Access Code. Unlike in England and Wales, Dartmoor aside, where it is most definitely not legal.

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Coire Gabhail, also known as the ‘Lost Valley’, is a secluded spot where you can really lose yourself to the magnificence of the Scottish Highlands. If you are not interested you can unsubscribe at any time. Camasunary Bay, Loch Coruisk, Ben Tianavaig, and the Quiraing are all well worth a look if you’re going to go camping on this stunning Scottish island.

We felt safe at every single one. “Mountain running fanatic, Alex has adventured all over the planet.”, Emy MacLeod | More By This Author Scotland also has one of the most liberal approaches to wild campers in Europe. Scotland If you’re on a dry col and the weather forecast is great and you know there’s going to be a stunning view of the Western Isles when you wake up, then go for it.
Also, trying to be ultra-light is fine but sort your priorities out; there’s little point cutting your toothbrush in half to save weight when you’ve crammed in that hardback of War and Peace you’re not going to touch other than on the train. Well, firstly it’s legal. This does happen. Wild camping is about the experience of being self-sufficient, of taking the path as it comes and discovering new places.
I once camped next to one only to wake and find the water had risen by five metres, silently, in the night. When you picture yourself wild camping in Scotland, you probably imagine yourself going up to the Highlands and having the full-on blue-faced Braveheart experience. Stay away from overcrowded areas.

But other than that, you should be fine.