you will get little or no germination. Preparation., The last time I checked, the only herbicides cleared for pumpkins in Illinois were Command ( which is excellent for grass control but misses pigweeds) and Ambien ( difficult to find, but does get the pigweeds). that’s good but your hose supplies that. Then you watered too much and at the same time didn’t have a high enough temperature to germinate your seeds.

However, at this point in time, you are running out of growing days. COVERED THE HEATER WITH PLASTIC. I may be wrong on this one but I am pretty sure it was the 792. Will Nova Scotia. temps over 90 to 95 are N. G. IT is not a good idea to have big potbound seedlings to transplant. 2. This enables the water in the soil to pass through the cells of the root hair and into the plant. As you know, Duncan, we have a glassed-in porch in which there is a portable heater and a bench covered with sand. Pepo has a hard gourdlike stem.

Temperature is the main problem down South. The term hill also can mean a group. Howard Dill doesn’t like to plant big, old seedlings so he plants a few, weights a few days, plants a few more, etc. I have seen large pumpkins on both yellow and green vines. Large seeds don’t seem to have any bearing on ultimate pumpkin size. The metabolism of the pumpkin plant is similar to our own body. I need a pep talk here and some strong advice on how to recover. A weed that is one half inch tall is much easier than a 6-inch weed. You can search the FAQ page 2 for additional questions and answers. Thanks again. You can use a 4-foot black plastic mulch layer that can also lay drip tape underneath at the same time. The stale seedbed method may be the best. to each his own or to each her own.

or even set a new Australian or World Record !!!!! As far as doubling or tripling dosage…. Also . Pumpkinguy may have some more info on this. This year I hope to start on time. I HAVE OVER THE LAST 5 YEARS EXPERIENCED CLOSE TO 100% GERMINATION RATES USING MY OWN SEEDS, P&P SEEDS, AND HOWARDS SEEDS. usually 5 or 6 inbreeding then you cross-pollinate the two dissimilar types. By the time the roots get out that far it is June and things are warming up anyway. When the pumpkin is pollinated, 1) What is the correct fertilizing program after pollination? Temps above 90 are not the friend of the pumpkin. Keep your seedling well watered but not water-logged.

Too much water in the root zone (flooded soil with no air). Without seeing things it is tough to tell but I can tell you this…. I removed the greenhouse when it finally got sunny and warm. We use cookies to help provide and enhance our service and tailor content and ads. A point of information…. Sterilized lightweight seed starting mixes are the best. It is about time for some to start seeds inside. Just before the plant flops over and turns into a vine, it is very vulnerable to sudden wind. If you skim weeds twice you will have little trouble, plus the plant shades out a lot. as long as you have room. Gains in circumference can average four to six inches in a 24 hour period. Not a good idea. The root shuts down and can’t take up water. I just completed it tonight. For many, conditions in the old pumpkin patch are not great yet. how about that!!!!!

Any thoughts for judging the weights as they grow would be helpful. I never have seen so many cucumber beetles. If you skim and don’t disturb much soil underneath you will not bring up new weed seeds. I am also a commercial grower of regular pumpkins……they are a different story. Squash vines are usually green but pumpkins could go either way. GROWING ATLANTIC GIANT PUMPKINS.

Check with your State. Help! My wilting plants have about 15-20 leaves and all the old leaves are wilted in the hot weather. HELP!