University libraries advise to "avoid journals displaying metrics from Index Copernicus"[6][7][8]. What is Index Copernicus? Land. ➤ Declaration of conflict of interests, human rights, animal rights and consent of publication, ➤ Best practice and ethical standards in scientific publishing, System Evaluation of Scientific Achievements, Declaration of conflict of interests, human rights, animal rights and consent of publication, Best practice and ethical standards in scientific publishing. The enterprise was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund under the name: "Electronic Publishing House of Scientific Journals system of Index Copernicus Ltd."[citation needed]. Professional publishing activities, worked out during the ten years of experience in the Index Copernicus issuing scientific journals assume: 1. Implemented by ECMWF as part of The Copernicus Programme. The parametrisation carried out by Index Copernicus aims to describe the achievements in a unified and comprehensible form with the use of specific metadata structure. Series 15. Hovedsiden Copernicus (IC) er en online database av brukerskapte informasjon, inkludert vitenskaps profiler , samt for vitenskapelige institusjoner , publikasjoner og prosjekter etablert i 1999 i Polen, og drives av indeksen Copernicus International. Viedma Glacier, Argentina - Copernicus Sentinel-2 data (2019) Viedma Glacier, Argentina - Copernicus Sentinel-2 data (2019) Copernicus Services. Headquartered in the UK and with an office in the USA, ‘Team Copernicus’ is proudly staffed by ‘techie’ people, who understand both code and business; it is what makes us different. It includes both the implementation of the publishing process (in Polish, English and others) and the process of commercialization successes for publication in acquiring advertisers. Tax advisory – Tax Studies Institute Bulletin, Scientific chasopis of the Drahomanov NPU. Asian Research Journal of Agriculture (2456-561X) ICV: 100.00 . The cooperation, which we realize with our partners goes far beyond the standard publishing services, in addition to providing: • Analysis of indicators and preparation of journals to raise / maintain the scoring in the conduct evaluations, especially in the parameterization of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, while providing regular updates and adaptation of publishing strategies to changes in national legislation, to prevent potential lost positions of journals until indexing database of Thomson Reuters. 10.09.2020.

Science and Practice, Organizational psychology. Most of our readers have heard about the word Index Copernicus and Index Copernicus Journals for the first time, but you do not get worried as we are always here to offer you detailed information related to it.. Index Copernicus is the biggest bundle of the user-information, scientist profiles, projects, and publications established in the year 1999 in Poland.