In 2017, the site branched out in a new gaming vertical called Hard Drive. It's time to put ethics back into gaming journalism, AND a gamer in the white house. Content published by The Hard Times is typically virally spread through engagement on social media such as Facebook. “How is…, The Hard Times Podcast w/ Keith Buckley (Every Time I Die), Conversation With White Relatives About Systematic Racism Needs More Dialogue Options, Grandma Playing Super Mario 64 Can’t Get Past Part Where You Endlessly Pull Mario’s Cute Little Cheeks, Nintendo Direct Leaves Gamer Excited About 14 Games He Won’t Buy When They Come Out, Amazon’s Luna Threatens to Put Final Nail in Mom and Pop Cloud Based Gaming Services, Psychologists Warn 1 in 10 Crewmates Could Develop Impostor Syndrome, Podcaster Undergoes Risky Surgery to be Able to Naturally Speak at 1.5x Speed, The Top 5 Comments on Hard Drive Articles This Week, DVD Sales of ‘American History X’ Increase 750% Amid Xbox Series X Preorders, Twitch Viewer Who Turned Off Stream’s Volume So He Could Do Work Now Just Watching in Silence, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Is First Game in Series to Feature Completely Destructible Economy, Loser Spends Three Years Earning Master’s Degree When He Could’ve Been Writing a Sick D&D Campaign, Dad Getting Tired of Cleaning Rupees Out of Lawnmower, Geneticists Raise Ethical Questions After Successfully Creating Echo Fighter of Sheep, Gamer Needs to Gamify Playing Video Games In Order to Get Through Gaming, Nintendo in Panic Mode After Microsoft Acquires Luigi, Committed Frank Turner Gains 40 Pounds to Cover Fat Mike’s Songs for New Split Album, Resident Evil Netflix Series Hires Terrible Camera Operators for Accuracy, Man Risks Life for Opportunity to Explain Tenet to Girlfriend, Vengeful God Moves On to Next Thing Tumblr Holds Dear, New JK Rowling Novel Written Entirely in 4chan Greentext, Experimental Book Features Unreliable Author, JK Rowling Announces Personal Fantasy Novel, CBS Hires Young Aspiring Writer to Jiggle the Ethernet Cable When the WiFi Cuts Out, YouTube Movie Critic Fails to Suspend Disbelief After Girlfriend Breaks Up With Him.

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They also make it possible for me to explain the best mechanics for masturbating in Dungeons and Dragons, which is morally ambiguous at best. Don’t worry my minotaur friend, I have the solution for you: Unseen Servant is the superior spell for any adventurer seeking adult recreation. SARASOTA, Fla. — Local college student Sara Withers complained about a lack of good dialogue options when speaking to her parents about the continued oppression…, SANDY, Utah — Local podcast host James Brandt recently underwent a risky surgery to speed up his voice to 1.5x its speed in an attempt…, PEEKSKILL, N.Y. — Local grandma Meredith Blum has been stuck for two days on the opening screen of Super Mario 64, reportedly unable to complete…, This article is for Coil Members only!

Close search. That’s why we put out this column every week to commend the brave efforts of all our readers who are willing to post on the internet of all unholy places in an attempt to make strangers laugh. in […].

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Three former Hard Times contributors in Jeremy Kaplowitz, Mike Amory, and Mark Roebuck were tapped to be cofounding editors of the section.

Ad free episodes for patrons. Skip to content. would be something I’d like to see. “It’s…, SEATTLE — The controversial 1998 crime film American History X experienced a 750% increase in DVD sales this week, as thousands of customers mistook it…, NEW YORK — Local work-from-home employee Martin Rowe turned off the volume on the Twitch stream he was watching so that he could finish up…, LOS ANGELES — As part of GamesCon 2020’s Opening Night Live event, Treyarch’s studio design director, David Vonderhaar, confirmed that Call of Duty: Black Ops…, RALEIGH, N.C. — A local graduate’s Masters of Fine Arts degree was tainted by the realization the past three years could have been spent crafting…, BEAVERCREEK, Ohio — Local father Stu Campbell is reportedly fed up with having to clean hundreds of rupees out of his lawnmower every time he…, EDINBURGH, Scotland — In a huge scientific breakthrough that also raises many ethical questions, geneticists at the University of Edinburgh’s Roslin Institute announced yesterday that…, PHILADELPHIA — Local gamer Carla Ward reportedly needs to trick herself into finishing video games by gamifying them in order to get through her daily…, KYOTO, Japan — Nintendo has reportedly entered a full state of panic with executives blindsided after Microsoft announced that it had acquired Luigi. Ad free episodes for patrons.

— In a revelation that made him question his instincts, local gamer Kevin Lanigan recently realized that the shitty mobile game ad he…, NEW YORK — Local gamer Jesse Cooper was reportedly horrified to discover the 15-minute YouTube video they just finished was made by disgraced former Polygon…, Most people think Christians and Atheists get along like cats and dogs! This servant can handle whatever weight you’re working with, is completely invisible for extra discreteness, and obeys mental commands to save you the effort.