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different shapes and colours. � �x�����?nh�TZ��. achievement of education objectives. Okpara, EN.& Akudolu L.R (1995). Uni- inarld education publishers (Nig) �BH�4A^5 m�V�%R@nd�j��gdG materials help students to develop physical abilities. It ltd Nigeria.

It refers to the human and non-human materials and facilities that can be used to ease, encourage, improve and promote teaching and learning activities. helps students In thinking knowing and solving problems.

touching with the use of instructional materials.

Students‟ Performance – This is educational achievements of students in tests and/or examinations II. H�hQN3 -Ē F5a�o4�:��b8� }��C�� %�쏢 Some factors in students This is for the fact that such materials enhance, facilitate and make teaching/learning easy, lively and concrete. e�N~a� :�#5Ee��o�%A%m���/�PnR07�Gyc3&mɣא/�t҂��w��0a��@1�_�k��� ��K��l4��H~f�-Dp��:h�351�Kg� f�:��s:�{@�[�Q ��gJ)X�Iy/�?FF��{��\������yiMq�FM����3MK�HV�糋ϳ�RY�w��ߟ�J��t�Z��da���l�SnEg��r���|� materials help learners to comprehend easily and be able to define and Some are real objects, others are pictures, charts, television, radio, filmstrips, and slide projectors which bring about effectiveness and efficiency in teaching learning process and thereby enhance the achievement of instructional objectives (Okwor and Ike (1995). The aim of this paper therefore, is to look in to the significance of Instructional materials in the effective teaching/learningof Islamic Studies in Nigerian Schools. J��pV0�b��

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Instructional materials are the tools used in educational lessons, which includes active learning and assessment.