What was once a league with only four Canadian teams now features 31 teams across Canada and the USA. NHL Hockey Trivia.

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It contains hockey trivia questions with answers. 5.43. 6.56. 10. Facts about Hockey 1) No one can definitively say they know for certain when hockey was invented.

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Operating in northern Michigan from 1904 to 1906, the International Hockey League was the first professional league. Cow poop. Ice Hockey, by birth and upbringing a Canadian sport, is an offshoot of field hockey. 8.33. Do You Know Your Hockey ? AHL All Star Game Quiz. 10. Most …

The National Hockey League is the premier league for ice hockey on the planet and has been around for over 100 years.

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As legend has it, when hockey was played in its early days, a frozen patty of cow poop … It features fast-paced action and is without a doubt one of the most exciting sports leagues on the planet. After reading the questions about hockey, just guest the answers and write it on a paper or on a notepad. 7.16. TOUGH. 10. Name the countries that have won a medal in men's or women's ice hockey.

We convert it into a hockey quiz so you can check your knowledge about hockey. The first governing body of the sport was the Amateur Hockey Association of Canada, formed in 1887. HARD. And when you finish the article, check all answers and check how many answers are correct and how much is wrong. A quiz about hockey and how well you know the sport. 10. Were your there ?
In the days of black and white television it was difficult to differentiate …

Why is the red line broken? Which player was the first in NHL to score a full-strength, power play, short-handed, penalty shot, …

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TOUGH. MONTREAL CANADIENS … What was the first NHL team to win back-to-back Stanley Cup titles? About This Quiz.

While that date has hardly been etched in stone, we can look at the first indoor hockey game that was ever organized.

Some claim it could go back to the 1700’s. AVERAGE.